Tyler Saint Muscle Hunk Versatile American Gay Porn Star Gay Porn 111860 gayporn star Austin Martin

Muscle Hunk Versatile American Gay Porn Star, Tyler Saint

Known Aliases: Austin Martin (Bareback)
Years Active: 2006 – 2015



Fresh Off the Bus | Tyler Saint

By: Richard Bright
Posted: 8:00 am PDT 7-3-2007
Fresh off the bus from: L.A.

Age: 36
Height: 5-7 1/2
Weight: 180
Distinguishing features: Brilliant white smile, muscular body with great lats, and a big, thick dick.
Tattoos/piercings: I have three tats on the back: a fleur-de-lis, Pisces zodiac symbol, and what I’d describe as a “tribal” tattoo.
Penis size: Eight inches plus, cut.
Sexual orientation: Gay
Education: After high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.
First adult video: Workload [Jet Set] Subsequent videos: The Muscle Pit [Big Blue Productions], Link 5 [All Worlds], Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2 (Jet Set), an unnamed title from Hot House, and a whole bunch from Titan.

What did you do before getting into porn? I run my own cleaning services business in L.A.

How did you get into the gay adult industry? The guys from Charger found my online profile and I met with them and we hit it off immediately, so they cast me in their first video for Jet Set.

How did you get your porn name? The guys from Charger and I came up with it.

Most memorable video performance: In Folsom Leather [Titan] where I get down and dirty on a boot-black station.

Most memorable on-set experience not captured on tape: Let’s just say that I couldn’t get enough of Jason Ridge on the Titan set.

What is the dirtiest/sexiest thing you’ve ever done? The most outrageous was when I hooked up with a guy in a tractor trailer loaded with Christmas trees.

Who would you like to work with? COLT’s Chris Wide is really hot. So is Matt Cole.

Favorite sex act or position? Let’s just say there are few that I don’t like! Don’t let the name “Saint” fool you!


Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex FOLSOM LEATHER Tober Brandt bottom Tyler Saint top Rick Van Sant top
FOLSOM LEATHER: Tober Brandt (bottom), Tyler Saint (top), Rick Van Sant (top)

TitanMen exclusives Tober Brandt and Rick van Sant get their boots spit and piss shined and their cocks sucked by Tyler Saint. Tyler and Rick take turns fucking Tober, and Adam Faust shoves both fists up Rick’s ass. Tan, muscular and smooth Tyler Saint shines TitanMen exclusive Tober Brandt’s boots while Tober smokes and Rick swills a beer. There’s something about the cool nonchalance of the guys that gets Tyler extremely excited as he grinds his ass crack against Tober’s boots, then spits on ‘em and slowly licks them clean. Tober hocks spit and beer onto his boots and orders the obedient Tyler to lick them clean. Tyler gnaws on Tober’s leather jock and eventually pulls Tober’s fat, pierced cock out and slides his mouth and throat around the slick shaft. Tober stands up and lets a flood of piss fly all over Rick’s boots and Tyler obligingly cleans them up before going back to sucking Tober’s cock. Tober spits into Tyler’s 5 open mouth, then forces his dick all the way down Tyler’s throat. Tober and Rick kiss while Tyler gags and chokes on both of their dicks. Tyler’s skillful cocksucking makes Rick spew his load onto Tyler’s muscular pecs while Tyler simultaneously jerks Tober’s dick. Rick jerks on and deep throats Tyler’s massively throbbing cock while Tober fingers Tyler’s ass until Tyler blasts his wad; Tober jerks off, adding his hot sticky load to Tyler’s cum-soaked pecs. Tyler eats out Tober’s ass while Rick swallows Tober’s dick. Rick grabs Tober by his harness and drives his cock up Tober’s beefy ass and piston fucks him while Rick continues to suck down Tober’s dick. They switch, and Tyler takes a turn butt banging Tober, who bellows with overwhelming pleasure as Tyler fucks the cum right out of him. Tyler pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Tober’s thick, muscular pecs and abs. Black-gloved Adam Faust appears back on the scene and proceeds to fist Rick, practically digging a cave in Rick’s beefy ass as he shoves both fists in his hole at the same time. Adam shoves one arm up Rick’s hungry ass all the way to his elbow, churning his chute until Rick lets loose with a volley of sperm. Tober shoots his load on Rick’s pecs and Adam unloads his cum all over Rick’s balls. Rick wakes up suddenly, lying in bed drenched with sweat and wearing nothing but a smile on his face. Was it memory, or was it all a dream?

TRUNKS 5: Ross Hurston and Tyler Saint flip-fuck

Hot House Man and confirmed Top Tyler Saint gives it up and gets fucked for the first time on camera in this history-making scene with Hot House Exclusive Ross Hurston! Hurston catches Saint doing his morning laps in a gorgeous Palm Springs pool. Saint swims over and jumps out of the pool leaving Hurston no choice but to pull his cock out so they can compare. The two hung studs jack each other off before Hurston goes down on Saint’s giant tool. All of the expert oral attention has both men ready for more. Hurston rolls Saint over to eat his ass before standing up to feed Saint his own giant cock. After getting his dick hard and wet Hurston decides to make history by flipping Saint over on his back and shoving his cock up his ass. Hurston pumps Saints ass in two different positions before he throws himself down on Saint’s hard cock. Saint completes the hot-as-hell flip-flop fuck by pummeling Hurston’s ass until both men blow giant gooey loads!


Tyler Saint American Gay Porn Star Gay Porn 111860 gayporn star









Tyler Saint American Gay Porn Star Gay Porn 111860 gayporn star


Gay Porn Star gayporn star




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