Dean Wyatt Amaerican Amateur Solo Performer Gay Porn 129663 gayporn star

American Amateur Solo Performer, Dean Wyatt

Years Active: 2013



Dean is a long way from home! It’s his first ever performance in porn! Coming down the stairs and sitting chatting to the camera man he tells us about what turns him on about porn! Confessing that he is a submissive bottom and taking his time to show us his package, Dean continues to tell us about what it is that gets him off. Talking about a college memory of an orgy, how hot it was while playing with his cock and hole, he continues to tug his ever growing cock! Still sat on the stairs Dean continues to jerk off his solid cock, playing with his nipples and hole, showing how much he is enjoying himself! Dean works his wet cock up into a frenzy, letting us know he going to shoot before he releases a huge load, reaching his chest you can see a look of satisfaction on his face. Being a polite guy, he says goodbye to the camera before heading off to clean up!




 Amaerican Amateur Solo Performer Gay Porn gayporn star


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