Lance Alexander Smooth Muscle American Gay Porn Star 126015 gayporn star

Smooth Muscle American Gay Porn Star, Lance Alexander

Known Aliases:
Years Active: 2012 – 2015


Cock : 9.0″
Height : 6’1″
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Green
Position : Versatile
Foreskin : Cut

Here’s a first-timer for Next Door Male. Lance Alexander is a very well-hung, well proportioned young man. He enjoys the thrill of exhibition and savors the idea of turning on his new fans. This time he’s relaxing on the couch, tugging his fattie and sticking his ass out while bending over. When you see this handsome stud, you’ll want to pull out your own cock and stroke along with him. This young, lean specimen will satisfy your craving for the slender, strong type, yet leave you wanting more!

EXCLUSIVE MODEL Lance Alexander is one of the most unique guys I have ever seen! I was in Arizona for business when I first spotted him in the gym, pumping iron. My workout was completely ruined! I couldn’t concentrate. He’s tall with an amazing swimmers build and gorgeous face. I knew I had to shoot this guy so I walked over and introduced myself and offered him a job. Lance was by far the shyest man I had ever met but those days are long gone. I built up his confidence by showing him how amazing he looks in front of the camera and at the same time building a great friendship! He’s such a natural, and an amazing bottom! Don’t be deceived by his good looks either, Lance is a very smart guy. He loves to play water polo and computer games but more than anything Lance wants to get fucked and have fun!

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Lance is just a stunning man. He is tall with piercing blue eyes that can gaze right into your soul. His body is so breathtaking that I did not want to have any background at all to distract from it. So I put him against a white back drop and white chair with some white lilies. After stripping down to nothing, Lance pulled out his cock. There is nothing I can say that would do his dick justice. It is long and hard and quivers in his own hands. Lance sits down in the chair and jerks off some more. He lifts his legs up to show off his hole. He sucks on a finger and lets one slide in. Then he lets two slide in. After finger fucking himself for a bit, he pulls out a toy. The toy easily penetrates his hole. Lance loves every minute of it. He turns over and begins fucking himself on all fours. The intensity of the toy hitting his prostate was too much. Lance laid back and let the toy take him over. He fucked himself harder and faster until finally he came buckets all over himself. He then licks up all off his own cum and puts it on his tongue. You can tell Lance does not want this feeling to end. I do not think that anyone does.


Jake and Lance decided to do their scene on the massage table. But these two little bastards both wanted to get the massage. So I agreed to let them massage each other. They entered the room in towels and quickly dispensed of them. Lance laid down on his stomach and Jake excitedly started to explore his body. When he got up to his face, Jake planted a romantic kiss on his lips. Jake laid down next. Lance told him to turn over. He wanted to massage his front. All of the rubbing began to get them hard. Lance dipped his dick into Jake, and Jake began to suck. Next Lance bent down and started to suck off Jake. Then he straddled Jake, so that he could let Jake rim him while he sucked his dick. Then he flipped around and started to let Jake rub up against his hole. He wanted to get fucked. Jake laid Lance down on his back and fucked his ass good and hard. Jake wanted to get fucked next. So Lance got up and flipped him over and fucked him from behind. Keeping the flip flop going, Lance rode Jake like a cowboy letting him slam his hard and thick dick up his tight butt. Finally Jake got on his back and let Lance plunge his long hard dick inside of him. Lance fucked the cum out of him and then ran over and shot his own load all over his face. Jake lapped it up and the two began to kiss. I love a massage when both guys get the happy ending.


We were really excited about the shoot between Lance and Roman. However, Kurtis was in town and met the two dudes out the night before the shoot, and before long, the three approached us to turn the two way into a three way. Who was I to say no. Kurtis and Lance had never had a threesome before and were eager for the new experience. Roman of course was no stranger to group sex and was ready to show these guys the ropes. He could not even finish the interview. He wanted these two on top of him. They all flopped on top of the bed and began to make out. Dicks came out and Lance suddenly had two dicks in his mouth at the same time. Kurtis and Roman then went down and made out with Lance shoving his dick between them. Then Kurtis tried double stuffing his mouth followed by Roman. It was time to get things more intense. Lance lifted his legs up in the air and Kurtis ate his ass while Roman sucked his dick. Roman then straddled Lance, and Kurtis fed that long cock deep inside Roman. This was followed with an amazing train fuck where Roman was the ham in a man sandwich. And finally Kurtis plowed Lance. Roman stood up and blew his load right on Kurtis, coating his mouth and tongue. Lance exploded next while Kurtis pumped inside of him. And finally Kurtis pulled out and blew his load all over Lance. They ended it with a hot three way kiss. Gay porn has never been so good. Welcome to Randy Blue.


Lance Alexander Smooth Muscle American Gay Porn Star 126015 gayporn star








Lance Alexander Smooth Muscle American Gay Porn Star 126015 gayporn star


Lance Alexander Randy Blue American Gay Porn Star 126015 gayporn star



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