Mike Arlen model, Geoff Hibbert Years Active: late 1990s MIKE ARLEN COMMENTS / WETHERBY STUDIOS INFO: “Geoff Hibbert is the most financially successful Arlen Model. In the real estate business he has made the most of the British booming property market buying and selling property to the wealthy. He drives a Rolls Royce and his clients … Read More


Mike Arlen’s Guy & model, Luke Durocher Known Aliases: Years Active: c1990 MIKE ARLEN COMMENTS / WETHERBY STUDIOS INFO: Luke is now a roofer which involves him scaling London’s tallest buildings. He only come to earth to pose for photographers. MIKE ARLEN / WETHERBY STUDIOS MIKE ARLEN PHOTOSETS 1-2 INCHES November 2003 Hot or Not? Let … Read More


Mike Arlen’s Guy & model, Mark Sloan Known Aliases: Mark Sloane Years Active: c2000 MIKE ARLEN COMMENTS / WETHERBY STUDIOS INFO: ” Very organzied, and a pleasure to work with. Will tell you more soon. ” Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 5′ 11″ U.K. Model / Str8 Porn Star MIKE ARLEN / WETHERBY STUDIOS MEN … Read More


Kristen Bjorn Brazilian Gay Porn Star, Erico Ventania Known Aliases: Years Active: 1986 – 1989 KRISTEN BJORN INFO: Nationality: Brazilian Height: 5′ 11″ Weight: 180 lbs. Cock: 8″ cut Position: Bottom Erico was rather intimidated by his two costars in ISLAND FEVER when he first met them. “I’ll bet they have enormous dicks!” he said to … Read More


Kristen Bjorn Brazilian Gay Porn Star, Braulio Duarte Known Aliases: Years Active: 1989 – 1991 KRISTEN BJORN INFO: Nationality: Brazilian Height: 6′ Weight: 185 lbs. Cock: 8″ uncut Position: Top Braulio posesses an ultra-masculine, devilish charisma that charmed everyone. While filming a nonsexual scene on a busy Rio street for Carnival in Rio, I said in … Read More


American Muscle Gay Porn Star, Jim Slade Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 2002 – 2004 FALCON STUDIOS STATS / INFO: Nationality: U.S.A. Birthday: December 24, 1969 Birthplace: Texas Height: 5’10” Eye Color: Brown Position: Bottom Cock: 6.5″ cut AFTERSHOCK: PART 2 – SCENE 4 In this climactic scene some of Mustang’s hottest men – including … Read More


Randy Blue Classic American Gay Porn Star, Alex Eden Known Aliases: Patrick Ross (Studio 2000), Patric Ross Years Active: 2006 – 2008 RANDY BLUE INFO: Hair Color: Brown Height: 5′ 9″ Body Hair: Moderate Endowment: 7.5″ Eye Color: Hazel Foreskin: Cut ??? Position: Versatile Alex is one remarkably hot guy. I had been going back and … Read More


Muscle Hunk American Gay Porn Star , Braden Charron Known Aliases: Braden, Braden Charron (BG East), Brad Coyote (Sharpshooter) Years Active: 2005 – 2016 PARAGON MEN INFO: Happy Horny Holidays. No mistletoe necessary! December is full of big package surprises… ready to unwrap? For our 4th anniversary, Paragon teams up with Adonis Club to celebrate. We’re … Read More


Playgirl & Male Model sexy Blond solo performer, Michael Crowe Known Aliases: Michael, Paxton Hughes, Michael Croe, Wesley Creighton, Mike George Years Active: 2003 – 2011 RANDY BLUE INFO: You might have seen Michael posing in your favorite men’s magazine or saw him nude in centerfold spread but chances are this is the first time you … Read More


Randy Blue Classic American Gay Porn Star, Gage Wilson Known Aliases: Gage, Vance Years Active: 2006 – 2009 CHAOSMEN INFO: Gage is a 21-year-old college student from Texas. He’s been bodybuilding since he was a teenager and has managed to pack some very nice muscle on his 5’6″ frame. He’s done a few competitions, but SC … Read More


Smooth Muscle American Gay Porn Star, Lance Alexander Known Aliases: Years Active: 2012 – 2015 NEXT DOOR STUDIOS INFO: Cock : 9.0″ Height : 6’1″ Hair Color : Brown Eye Color : Green Position : Versatile Foreskin : Cut Here’s a first-timer for Next Door Male. Lance Alexander is a very well-hung, well proportioned young man. … Read More


Kristen Bjorn Brazilian Gay Porn Star, Woody Traynor Fabricio Siveira Georg Mirkowski Known Aliases: Fabricio Siveira, Georg Mirkowski, “Joy Toy”, others Years Active: 1987 – 1988 KRISTEN BJORN INFO: Nationality : Brazilian Height : 5′ 9″ Weight : 155 lbs. Cock : 8″ uncut Position : J.O. While filming in white sand dunes, far south of … Read More

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