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CzechHunter Guy, Czech Hunter 217

Known Aliases: ???
Years Active: 2015



Today it was already quite late when I started my hunt. Outside it was cold and rainy and for a moment I thought about staying home instead. But I changed my mind and walked to the shopping center round the corner a few minutes before closing. Not much time left for having a look around. And although it was clear that I couldn’t be too picky today I was lucky to meet a blond guy within a minute. He was nervous because of my cam but agreed to have a chat with me. He moved to Prague just recently because of the local University and he honestly wanted to become a teacher. Not bad I thought. And most important: he was quite broke and didn’t have any friends yet in Prague. And when I noticed that he was almost a bit bi-curious I decided to try my luck.




 CzechHunter Guy Gay Porn gayporn star


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  1. You Know who

    No one knows who is he?

  2. Leon1234

    Does anyone know what videos he’s been in?

  3. TwinLov69

    They say his name is Vrata

  4. Leon1234

    Can anyone find this young guys real name or any other movies he’s in, thanks.

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