Christian St. Jon Handsome American Nude Model and Solo Performer

Handsome American Nude Model and Solo Performer, Christian St. Jon

Known Aliases / aka: Christian St. John, Chris St. John, Christian Mousel
Years Active: 2004 – 2008


Residence: Honolulu, Hawaii
Birth date: May 1979
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 165
Size: 8″ cut

Ron Lloyd comments:
I walked into a gym one day while traveling scouting for models. The girl at the front desk told me about Christian. She contacted him for me and we met the next day. He’s got to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever encountered. A little shy at first, but ultimately an exhibitionist. The video shoot came after two still shoots, one for MEN magazine. Christian has done a little stripping in the past and he’s incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. It was his idea to use the mirror in the video shoot.


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  1. Martinryter

    Christian is that rare dude who likes to use his real name when he does nude pictures and I respect him for that. he would fly from LA to New Mexico when I had my studio there to work with me we have done dozens and dozens of incredibly hot porn pictures and video.

  2. Christopher

    Pick up the latest issue of muscle fitness/ julyaugust page 94

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