Brent Corrigan American Gay Porn Star 110376 gayporn star

American Gay Porn Star, Brent Corrigan

Known Aliases: Fox Ryder (Falcon)
Years Active: 2006 – 2018
TWITTER @BrentCorrigan


original 2006 Falcon Stats:
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 7”
Position: Versatile
Build: Swimmer
Body Hair: Smooth
Cock: 8.5” Cut

FILMS Brent Corrigan American Gay Porn Star 110376 gayporn star

Falcon Studios FVP-282 Hungry For Moore
HUNGRY FOR MOORE: Brent Corrigan, Logan Moore & Samuel Stone fuck one another

Brent Corrigan is busy sucking Samuel Stone’s stiff dick when Logan Moore joins the mix. The three studs kiss as their raging boners rub against each other until Brent decides to break off from the trio and get behind Logan to take a taste of his ass. Brent’s tongue feels amazing in Logan’s hole and as the rimming continues, the guys form a chain to continue sucking dick and licking ass. Nothing is off limits for these three studs and as the fun continues, Samuel slowly becomes the center of attention to take all the dick he can get. Logan is the first to enter the young stud and pounds away on Samuel’s ass until Brent wants a feel of his own. Brent takes his turn behind Samuel and fucks him deep when Logan decides he wants his hole stretched too. He lies back on the bed and lets Samuel slide his dick deep in. Samuel keeps pumping Logan before he lets up and gives Brent his turn with Logan. Brent brings up the rear while Samuel shoves his dick in Logan’s face. With cock in both holes, Logan lets go and blasts a creamy load all over his body. Brent has held off as long as he can and when he sees Logan climax, he pulls out to add to the mix. Samuel is the last to go and when the three studs are done with their fuck session, Logan is a sticky mess of cum.

Falcon Studios A Night At The Entourage (FVP-281)
A NIGHT AT THE ENTOURAGE: Brent Corrigan & Brett Dylan (all oral)

Brett Dylan is cruising the halls of the sex club when he happens to walk by Brent Corrigan. There’s no question that Brent is ready for some fun, so Brett drops to his knees to take Brent’s hard dick in his mouth. The dick tastes so good that Brett can hardly control himself as he continues to work the shaft and head up and down. Brett makes sure to give special attention to Brent’s balls as well. Brent is so horny that he needs a taste of Brett’s delicious bubble butt. He spreads the cheeks apart to get in deep with his tongue. With each lick, both studs grow hornier and soon, Brent decides to taste what Brett’s front side has to offer. Brent sucks on Brett’s throbbing cock, taking it deep as he jacks his own rod. Brett loves the feeling of Brent’s lips tightly wrapped around his swollen dick, but he’s not going to leave without the one thing he craves most. Brett gets back down in front of the hung stud to finish what he started. He keeps a bobbing up and down until he gets the cum reward he craves the most in his cock-hungry mouth. Brent’s load on his lips puts Brett over the edge and he polishes the floor with his own thick ropes of cum.

Falcon Studios Mojave Heat (FVP-280)
MOJAVE HEAT: Brent Corrigan fucks Osch Weldon

Brent Corrigan finds Osch Weldon playing his guitar on the patio and instantly locks lips with the musical hunk. They quickly move it to the bedroom where they rush to get each other out of their clothes. Brent takes charge and tells Osch to suck his swollen member. Osch happily does as he’s told and bends down to give Brent what he wants. When Brent’s cock is at full capacity, he decides to open Osch’s smooth ass with his tongue. It’s exactly what Osch needs to get ready for Brent’s giant dick as he moans out and begs for more. Brent heeds Osch’s wishes and slips his dick deep into the hunky stud’s ass. Brent pumps hard and long until Osch wants it even deeper and rolls over onto his back. Brent gets back inside to finish the job and humps the stud beneath him until Osch groans a final grunt and lets out an eruption of warm cum all over his toned, hunky body. Brent won’t be left out of the action and pulls out to spill all over Osch’s trimmed crotch. The two studs collapse together onto the bed and kiss as they bask in the afterglow of their afternoon fun.

Falcon Studios HIDDEN PALMS (FVP-279)
HIDDEN PALMS: Brent Corrigan & Roman Todd flip-fuck

Brent Corrigan takes a dip in the pool and spies Roman Todd lounging on the pool deck in his swim suit. Brent decides to take a closer look and with his muscles glistening and his body dripping wet, he hops out of the pool and walks over to Roman. No words are exchanged as they make extended eye contact. Brent knows what that means and without an invitation, peels off Roman’s tight swimwear and gets to work sucking his thick rod. Savoring Roman’s big pole makes Brent hard as a rock. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Roman and soon he has every inch of Brent in his open, hungry mouth. When the two studs can’t possibly get any harder, Brent leans Roman over to open him up with his tongue. Roman turns around giving Brent the go-ahead to slide his hard dick deep inside the moaning muscle hunk. Roman takes Brent from behind until Brent decides he wants to be filled with Roman’s throbbing manhood. The horny studs switch positions and Roman takes control as he enters Brent’s tight hole. The steady pounding feels amazing and they let loose to create a pool of creamy love all over Brent’s cut and smooth abs.

Falcon Studios LOVE & LUST IN NEW ORLEANS (FVP-278)
LOVE & LUST IN NEW ORLEANS: Kurtis Wolfe fucks Brent Corrigan

It’s another crazy night in New Orleans. The crowds are out, the bars are full, and everyone is ready for a good time – including Brent Corrigan and Kurtis Wolfe. The two studs don’t waste any time getting back to their room and shedding all their clothes. Before Brent’s underwear can hit the floor, Kurtis has his mouth wrapped around the jock’s hard dick. After sampling what Brent has to offer, Kurtis spreads Brent’s legs wide open and goes in to taste his smooth, tight hole. Kurtis has a love of servicing men and doesn’t miss an inch of Brent’s shaft, balls and ass. Brent doesn’t want to be left out of the taste-testing action and gets Kurtis hard by offering up his warm, wet mouth. Kurtis is so turned on by the whole experience that he can barely contain himself. He gets Brent’s butt lubed up and then slips his giant dick deep inside the moaning stud. Brent loves the feeling of being stretched and rides Kurtis, taking the hard dick as deep inside of him as it will possibly go. The two hung jocks switch up their positions, and after a sustained pounding, Brent announces his intent to blow and lets it rip. After seeing Brent shoot, Kurtis is ready to join the ranks and unleash on Brent. He gets the stud into position and releases all of his inhibitions over Brent’s perfect bubble butt.

MXXX THE HARDEST RIDE: JJ Knight fucks Brent Corrigan

Reality sets in on the ranch. The guys know if they don’t win the motocross competition all will be lost and they don’t even have the money to enter. Inside Uncle JJ Knight is buried in bills and has reached the end of his rope with Tom’s irresponsible behavior. When the too butt heads Tom does what he does best – puts on his helmet and takes off on his bike. Brent Corrigan sees the fight and comes over to do what he does best – console his horse-hung uncle with his hot mouth and tight hole. The incestuous duo take turns sucking dick but Brent knows what Uncle JJ wants. He spreads his ass-cheeks and JJ dives in, first with his wet tongue then with his legendary 10-inch cock. JJ pounds Brent mercilessly until they both drain their loads on the workout bench. Regardless of what happens to the ranch, these two go their happy ending.

ULTRA FAN: Brent Corrigan & Calvin Banks flip-fuck

ULTRA FAN: Brent Corrigan & Jack Hunter flip-fuck

EARTHBOUND – HEAVEN TO HELL 2: Brent Corrigan as Lucky & Skyy Knox as Rogue flip-fuck

Rogue (Skyy Knox) was a sex slave, but he turned his back on his master, The Devil and became Earthbound. After stumbling into a crowded bar, Rogue finds his personal angel: Lucky (Brent Corrigan), an angelic gogo dancer. It’s true love at first sight, and the power of their love frees Rogue from his enslavement by the Devil. Rogue, overwhelmed with gratitude, kisses Lucky passionately. Removing their clothing, Lucky wraps his lips around Rogue’s huge cock. Switching places, Rogue slathers spit along the shaft of Lucky’s cock, then uses his fingers to probe inside Lucky’s tight hole, then gives Lucky a taste. Lucky throws his legs in the air, and Rogue presses his face between Lucky’s ass cheeks. Flipping places, Lucky reciprocates. Sliding his tongue along Rogue’s crack, then rubbing his cock right down the center. Slowly at first, then picking up speed, Lucky starts fucking Rogue doggy style. Their hard muscles flex and bend as they grind their bodies together. As Lucky lays back on the bed, Rogue uses his powerful legs to raise and lower himself on Lucky’s hard cock. Standing up by the side of the bed, Rogue drives his hard member into Lucky. The incredible sensations of Rogue’s cock inside him gets Lucky ready to blow. He strokes his cock and cums into Rogue’s mouth, who then snowballs it back to Lucky with slow, tender kisses. Kneeling over Lucky’s face, Rogue shoots his load right into Lucky’s open mouth.

Falcon Studios FVP-271 PROPERTY LOVERS
PROPERTY LOVERS: Brent Corrigan fucks Alessandro Haddad

Brent Corrigan’s dream home is finally finished and furnished. He walks through the modern dwelling, admiring the handiwork that the handsome contractors did. Walking out by the pool, he pays a compliment to the gardener Alessandro Haddad, who is putting some final touches on the patio. Brent and Alessandro want to share phone numbers to stay in touch for future work, but Alessandro’s thick gloves make it hard for him to get his phone out of his pocket. Fortunately, Brent is happy to help, and when he returns Alessandro’s phone to his pocket, his hand lingers, clutching at Alessandro’s bulge. They share a moment of connection and head inside for greater privacy. Brent kneels down and excitedly works his lips around Alessandro’s tool. They go to the bedroom, where Alessandro kneels on the bed and Brent dives face first into Alessandro’s hole. Stripping off his underwear, Brent rubs his hard cock into Alessandro’s crack. Lubing up, he penetrates Alessandro’s tight muscle ring with his cock, and Alessandro’s cock leaks tons of precum. Rolling over, Alessandro puts his feet in the air and takes Brent’s cock deep and hard. Grabbing his hard shaft, Alessandro starts stroking and sprays a gigantic load onto his stomach. Brent joins in, stroking out his hot white cum and letting it mix with Alessandro’s.

Falcon Studios FVP-268 URBAN SPOKES
SCENE 2: Brent Corrigan fucks Griffin Barrows

Bike messenger Griffin Barrows makes a delivery to an apartment and is star struck when he realizes his client is famous San Francisco app developer Brent Corrigan! Brent is impressed that Griffin got across town during rush hour in only 24 minutes. “If you have another package you’d like me to deliver,” says Griffin, “I’d be happy to do that for you.” “Let’s see if you can impress me again,” replies Brent. They hurriedly strip off their clothes and start making out. Griffin uses his mouth to service Brent’s huge, hard cock. Brent returns the favor with long, deep, sucking on Griffin’s tool. Brent bends Griffin over, parting his fuzzy ass cheeks and diving in face first. The slick spit makes it easy for Brent to slide his cock along the crack of Griffin’s ass, and the temptation is too much to resist. He plunges his meat into Griffin’s hole, and Griffin angles his ass up towards Brent, loving every second of it. Relocating to the couch allows Brent to sit down and have Griffin climb on for a ride. As sweat glistens on Brent’s shoulders, a switch to missionary allows him to penetrate deep into Griffin’s tight hole. With Brent still inside him, Griffin blasts his ripped abs with ropes of thick cum. As Brent jacks his cock, Griffin gets on his knees and opens his mouth to catch every spurt of hot spunk. After seeing how great Griffin is at riding a bike – and at riding a cock – Brent tells Griffin about a special club that he should definitely check out: ‘Urban Spokes’.

Falcon Studios FVP-266 ABOUT LAST NIGHT
ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight

After a long night of bachelor partying, Brent Corrigan finds his buddy JJ Knight, the groom, crashed out on the couch. It’s early in the morning, and they’ve barely slept, but that doesn’t stop them from having one last fling before JJ’s married off to someone else. Brent pulls back the blanket and opens his mouth wide to get a taste of JJ’s monster cock. Reaching into his buddy’s briefs, JJ fondles Brent’s throbbing boner. After JJ uses his mouth to moisten Brent’s cock, they rub their dicks together as they kiss. Turning around, Brent parts his amazing ass cheeks and JJ dives in face first. With JJ’s tongue wedged in his hole, Brent moans and shudders with pleasure. Now on the floor, Brent gets in doggy style position and JJ mounts him with vigorous thrusting. They grind together, taking turns providing the momentum for their intense penetration. JJ gets back on the couch and Brent climbs on to ride JJ’s cock. Thrusting up from below, JJ’s massive balls swing through the air. Rolling over into missionary position, Brent grabs his cock and strokes himself as they reach the point of no return. With JJ still inside him, Brent shoots a white hot load. JJ stands up and sends jets of white cum into Brent’s open mouth. After Brent sucks every last drop of cum from JJ’s cock, they press their faces together in a final cum-covered kiss.

Falcon Studios FVP-265 DEEP RELEASE
DEEP RELEASE (FVP-265): Brent Corrigan fucks Jason Maddox

Brent Corrigan slips into a luxurious soaking tub; as he relaxes, his cock swells and hardens. Jason Maddox, Brent’s masseur, begins the bodywork session with firm strokes along Brent’s muscled backside. The round, meaty cheeks of Brent’s ass are irresistible to Jason, who’s fingers reach into Brent’s tight hole. With his right hand, Brent reaches out and fondles the growing bulge in Jason’s pants. Loosening his belt, Jason let’s his pants fall to the ground, and Brent leans in to swallow Jason’s rock hard cock. Climbing up on the table, Jason plunges his face into Brent’s crack, driving his tongue deep into his client’s fuck hole. As he rims Brent’s hole, Jason uses his hand to stroke Brent’s cock. With massage oil for lube, Jason drills his meat into Brent’s ass, Brent moans with pleasure as Jason’s low hanging balls slap against him. Turning the tables, Jason gets on the table and opens up for Brent to fuck him in the ass. After Brent delivers a thorough pounding, they flip once more, and Brent uses his strong legs to fuck himself on Jason’s stiff rod. The intense pleasure on Brent’s prostate is so great, he shoots a gigantic load over Jason’s torso. One huge blast goes past Jason’s head, and the rest puddles on Jason’s ripped abs. Standing up, Brent expertly jerks Jason’s cock until Jason blows his load, dripping globs of thick, white cum everywhere.

MAGNITUDE: Brent Corrigan fucks Pierre Fitch

Jaw-dropping Pierre Fitch and show-stopping Brent Corrigan are two of the biggest stars to ever appear in gay porn. In this meeting of mega-stars — a decade in the making — these porn icons suck, rim and fuck as if they’ll never have sex again and reveling in their long-overdue meeting. Smooth, clean-shaven, and in elite physical condition, both sport tight, black jock straps, and they simply can’t get enough of one each other. Plunging tongues down throats with passion, masterfully handling dicks, and expertly devouring cock are just a few of these celebrities’ talents. The kissing and cock sucking turns into deep, wet rimming, which leads to powerhouse fucking. A historic romp of this ‘Magnitude’ requires a flip-fuck, and horned-up Pierre and Brent deliver. First, Pierre finally savors Brent’s meaty cock in his ass, taking it in doggy and missionary positions. Having the long-awaited cock in his ass, Pierre can’t wait to drive his rock-hard, thick cock deep into Brent from behind, and it’s clear that Brent has anticipated this moment, because he takes it like the champ he is. As the energy of this perfect match-up builds, both of them reach the bursting point and unload hefty shots of cum onto Pierre’s torso.

Brent Corrigan American Gay Porn Star Smutjunkies Gay Porn Film Library
GAY MASSAGE HOUSE: Adam Russo & Brent Corrigan flip-fuck

Adam Russo is not your average massage therapist. He specializes in treating particularly anxious men, ones that are so deep in the closet that they don’t even know they’re gay. Adam relieves their tension and anxiety with his touch, but leaves his special ‘happy ending’ as a surprise. His first client is Brent Corrigan, a religious boy-next-door type who is under a lot of pressure to be a perfect Christian. Adam puts his hands on Brent to start loosening up some of his tension, then he puts his lips around Brent’s dick to relieve up a different kind of pressure. Adam worships Brent’s cock and then hops up on the massage bed to have Brent suck him. Brent bends over and lets Adam rim and finger him, relaxing a whole new place on his body. Then Adam slips inside and fucks Brent while jerking him. Brent asks Adam if he can return the favour by fucking him, and he’s very willing to let the boy try. The guys flip back and Adam fucks Brent hard against the massage table until he cums all over Brent’s perky ass. Adam fingers Brent until his tension is finally relieved all over his muscular stomach.

STUDIOS Brent Corrigan American Gay Porn Star 110376 gayporn star



Brent Corrigan American Gay Porn Star 110376 gayporn star


Cybersocket Awards Best Gay Porn Star Nominee


Brent Corrigan American Gay Porn Star 110376 gayporn star



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  1. Robert Byrd

    In My Opinion Smutjunkies Brent Corrigan Is A Good Kind Hearted Man He Is Excellent At Being Versatile Sexually Speaking Once I Seen Him On Facebook Others Hurt Harrassed And Dogged Him Until He Left Foregood He Had It Hard When He Grew Up As A Very Young Gay Person At Least Hes Protected By A Lawyer I Hope?. You Know This Like I Do Too Folks Who Truely Care For Him. Thanks For Being Here Giving Us Lots Of Men To Love Like You Say From A To Z Peace-Out.

  2. Gary Rice

    You are a dream but I am to old to chase cock. I would pay to see you and Pavel Novotny together. I know he is older than his pictures now but I believe the two of you would be unbeatable in a film where just the two of you fuck, suck, 69, deep throat, rim, JO, JO each other and finally cuddling before resting. Then flip to do it all again.

    This would be done in a totally white out studio with both of you naked, no clothes at any time, only bed covers can be used when you are resting. The furnishings like: a bed, covers, bath, shower, balcony, couch, recliner, etc. would be white too. Bright lights with no shadows will show every inch of your bodies
    I love oral sex and the more you do would make a lot of people like me very happy. When a BJ or a 69 scene is shooting be sure that they take each others’ loads to snowball before swallowing, then 69 again and take each others spunk on the tongue to swish before swallowing.

    Just think of how many films and scenes you can get out of this idea.

    Two well hung similar men like you and Pavel would be in a prison environment. one is a prison guard and the other a prisoner. Both of you are bisexual but no one knows which makes your situations untenable because it is very difficult to be near each other. If the prisoner was found out he would be labeled a punk and the guard would go to prison and be known as a punk too. The guard knows that the prisoner gets wood every time his duties puts them together in the shower room. The guard gets wood too so he must hide it when other guards are around. Both would be totally dedicated to pleasing each other had they meet earlier in life.

    Call the movie ‘LOCK DOWN: Dreaming of Capture’ to reveal which man is a guard and which one is the prisoner. The prisoner is hung up on the guard, he dreams of being free and making out with him but knows that his freedom will come at the price of never realizing his dream of being with him. The guard unknown to the prisoner has feelings
    for him dreaming and fantasizes about him but can never reveal his feelings to anyone since even the slightest attention, more than normal or usual, would draw attention to himself.

    The movie ends with the prisoner finally getting out and the guard escorting him to the gates. Both pause, now their dreams and fantasies have become possible.

  3. Maik

    Wow, sexy Boy I loved him. Especially as an actor in Judas Kiss and as a gayporn performer. Sweet kisssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Robert Byrd

    Yes I was wondering if you knew all the facts about Mr. Brent Corrigan, it seems he engaged in sexual acts with men when he was just a teen and done porn when he knew it was Illegal to do it. I know all about Mr Brent Corrigan and also know he’s on facebook now as Corrigan Brent and sends very hateful messages to us gays there. he called me a stalker but you know I am not that. he chose to be who he is, and if you run anything on this site that coincides with his porn he done before he was 18 then it by law is considered child porn. I like a site that doesn’t promote child porn so can you contact Mr Corrigan and let him know he needs to be honest about himself before he gets sued again. thank you.

  5. ghaslett

    Does anyone have or know where I might be able to locate one of the original copies of “Every Poolboys Dream” or “Schoolboy Crush”? If so

  6. Jhun

    Hello! I’m a fan of Brent Corrigan, just want to know if he has a yahoo group that you know!!! Please email it to me…

    Thanks in advance

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