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ChaosMen Amateur, Bradley

Years Active: 2015


Start Age: 25
Debuted: May 18, 2015
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 200 lbs
Cock: 8″ Uncut

Bradley is tall! At 6’4″ he rates as one of the tallest guys on the site. Unlike most tall guys, he is not super lean. Dude has some mass on him! He even has a bubble-butt!
   His cock is tall too. It is 8 inches of uncut meat; longer if you stretch the foreskin! His foreskin is tight, so his head stays nestled in as he strokes his cock with his natural cock sleeve.
   Bradley is in graduate school, working on his masters in athletics. He is yet another gay guy into all things sports, and watches and plays a lot of sports. Despite his height, I think he is more of a volleyball kind of guy instead of basketball. He also enjoys working out and spends a lot of time in the gym.
   He likes athletic guys too, though I think he just likes guys that are happy with themselves. He is more of Top, but will flip for the right guy. Sounds like he might even be a little bossy in bed, which goes with his towering body!
   Bradley has wanted to do adult video, and was a fan of ChaosMen, so he isn’t too nervous and eager to show off for you all!



Bradley was watching for his videos to air when a video of Jon & Pax aired the very week his Serviced video appeared.
   After watching Jon get fucked by Pax, he asked if he could do a video with Jon. I suppose wanting to give Jon’s hole a pounding from his own cock.
   I asked Jon if he would like to work with Bradley, to which he took one look at his fat uncut cock and said, “Yes!” Jon thinks uncut cocks are the best to be fucked by. There is a little Out Take at the end of Jon advising Bradley on how best to use his cock to make him cum.
   So, I knew I had a video with chemistry going even before we got to the studio.
   Bradley said he would like to try bottoming for a video. He is mostly a Top, and you can tell he is damn good at it. But he had wanted to try bottoming on camera. I asked Jon if he thought he could top, and despite me pegging him as a Bottom, he said he would totally be down to fuck Bradley. Turns out Jon is a great Top!


Very often I rely on my local guys to help do the orals. I book guys all the time that never show up, so having someone fly in to do Serviced videos with new guys is always a gamble.
   But Bradley seemed very sure that he would be here, and with his 6’4″ height, I knew just the tall drink of water to put him with! Wren, who often ‘towers over’ whoever is on top of him, would be the perfect choice, though it meant having to fly half way across the country.
   Both guys were pleasantly surprised when they met that they would be working with someone who matched their height. Wren rarely feels shorter than anyone and for once someone had an inch or two on him! Well worth the air fare!
   Wren is so chill with everything, and even though he identifies as straight, the guy has got to be at least bi. He and Bradley hit it off, and there was instant chemistry. They spend a lot of time kissing and playing with each other’s cocks. Standing while kissing and not having to bend over was a first for both!
   You will see Bradley’s bossy-vibe kick in, and happily, it fit nicely with Wren’s passive nature. Bradley loved making Wren suck his fat uncut meat! Wren does have that ‘just use me’ vibe about him.
   Bradley sucks on Wren, getting his boy all hard and worked up. Next, Wren rims Bradley’s hairy hole, keeping Bradley hard.
   After Bradley sucks some more on Wren’s cock, Bradley rims Wren, and you can see how hungry he is to put his meat inside of him. There is some hot-dog-in-a-bun action that will leave you wanting him to just shove it in, but that was not the game plan for the day.
   Bradley was thinking about how hot it would be to fuck Wren, and that put him over the top. He straddles Wren’s face and jerks his cock until he cums. Wren gets a major facial as Bradley coats him from chin to forehead!
   Bradley doesn’t leave his boy hanging either. He lies down beside him and strokes him until he cums. I love that it is so easy to make Wren cum. He is always turned on when a dude takes over his cock. Clearly, Bradley knows what he is doing!
   They finish the video with a hot, cum-soaked kiss!



Bradley ChaosMen Amateur Gay Porn Bareback 132124 gayporn star



BLANK Bradley ChaosMen Amateur Gay Porn Bareback 132124 gayporn star



Bradley ChaosMen Amateur Gay Porn Bareback 132124 gayporn star


Bradley ChaosMen Amateur Gay Porn Bareback 132124 gayporn star


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