Tony DaVinci Handsome Muscle Hunk Model & Solo Performer

Handsome Muscle Hunk Model & Solo Performer, Tony DaVinci

Known Aliases / aka:
Years Active: 2006


Chris Ward’s comments:
Director Chris Ward was very pleased with the results (of Tony’s first shoot)…

“Tony is as good as it gets. He has a beautiful, chiseled, muscular body that really should be on the cover of Men’s Fitness or some magazine like that! His face is adorable–he still has those youthful good looks and charm that remind me of a younger Francois Sagat. Tony is going to be huge in the business and he has a bright future ahead of him. I am thrilled that Raging Stallion gets to introduce DaVinci to the world!”


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  1. rick ross

    you see tony looks good in a picture, looks nice and charming…but in person… (Moderator edit: criticism is OK, but this is not a forum to tear into someone… but didn’t know Mr. DaVinci drove a Hummer.)

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