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Tall Blond Gay Porn Star, Blake Daniels

Known Aliases:
Years Active: 2011 – 2013


Blake: 29, 6’4″, 190lbs, 7″
Max: 36, 5’7″, 185lbs, 6.50″

After popular demand, Max Sinclair is back on; and making his debut this week is a San Francisco treat by the name of Blake Daniels Max starts off with a strip tease for Blake’s amusement. Those abs are more defined and Blake’s hands are helping themselves to the new additions. Max’ pants come off next and he’s left in a sexy black jock strap which showcases his stellar Puerto Rican ass. By now, Blake has hauled out his fat cock and is stroking to the show. Blake then kneels to get a better look at that cock as he pulls off the jock strap. Max moans as his cock finds itself in a hot mouth. Blake rubs that dick all over his face and savors every inch of it before sitting back to get some in return. Max bobs his head up and down on that thick white boy meat wanting to get it as hard as he can. He has “plans” for that thick cock. Blake then bends Max and spreads his cheeks apart. He teases and fingers that hole making Max want his dick even more. Blake then suits up and lubes his thick cock as Max slowly impales himself on it. Max starts to slowly ride it til his ass can handle it. Wanting a bit more control, Blake bends him over so he can fuck that ass doggy style. Blake is in the driver’s seat now and starts to fuck him deep. Max struggles to accommodate that thick dick as Blake pounds away. Bet those toys were never this good. Max then gets flipped over on his back where Blake goes right back to doing what he does best—power fucking that hole. Max strokes his dick off as Blake continues his anal assault and it sends Max over the edge. His cock explodes without warning sending his load all over his ripped abs. Blake pulls his meat out and also unloads, shooting his thick cargo all over Max’ spent cock.


Treasure Island Media BAD SEED

You probably know about Blake Daniels. He’s maybe the best-known raw bottom in San Francisco, and that keeps him very busy indeed. Among other things, he’s a local whore, selling his beautiful perfect ass to anyone who has a hankering to use and abuse him. You’ll find him on all the man-whore sites, offering up his ass for a couple hundred bucks a pop.
   The life of a whore, though, isn’t all cum and roses. They have their tough clients, their rough days. And one Sunday afternoon Blake contacted me after a series of hard-to-take customers (hint: they all insisted on using condoms).
   So Blake needed a true, balls-to-the-wall man-fuck. He said “I’ll pay you for it. I’ll pay the top. I just need a good old-fashioned raw fuck. And listen, I really need a fucking dirty load up my ass.”
   That got me hard: he wanted a toxic heavy-duty sperm-load. No pulling out, no pretense. Just fill the whore up with spurt after spurt of radioactive manhood. So I called Ethan Wolfe and told him the story. Needless to say, he was up for the task. “I’ll fill the fucker up,” was what Ethan said.
   Ethan bones the whore’s ass deep and dumps every drop of his juice in him. When Blake jerks off onto the bed, Ethan scoops it up and adds it to the mix.
   Mission accomplished: a certified, guaranteed toxic dump.





 Tall Blond Gay Porn Star Gay Porn gayporn star



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