Kyle Carrington

Gay porn star, Kyle Carrington
aka: Kyle Carringston


3 Responses to “Kyle Carrington”

  1. edward the puma junior Says:

    kyle carrington he made 3 movies and popular mechanic tough competition and all american .. kyle carrington way muscoloso surfer and one very cute face with smiling sun. I read a magazine vintage classic porn star. kyle carrington want to leave porn and went live in hawaii 1987. after he suicide in the sea in honolulu hawaii. 1989. at age 36. .. Guess he could not live with himself …

  2. anthony. cluise Says:

    When AIDS was identified in 1981 the health authorities reckoned 5 to 10 percent died, and Kyle carrinton ex porn star, discovered he had HIV 1989. That sad moment he committed suicide at 36. Indices of deaths in the porn industry were many deaths from suicide, AIDS and drug overdose …

  3. g.t.a alex jonas Says:

    he suicide at age 35 in the sea in honolulu hawaii. the most beautiful place to live if you kill him there. this is rare and was envisioned by either kill it .. I liked it or not he believed in God had no love life …..

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