Danny Roddick


FRESHMEN  Nov 2006
[2]  July/Aug 2006
UNZIPPED  Nov 2006


Buckshot Productions:

SCENE 1:  Danny Roddick and Josh Weston
Poor little Boot Shine Boy (played by Danny Roddick), faced with an eviction notice and at $2.00 a shine, his luck just couldn’t be worse. But maybe his luck will turn with his first customer of the day, Josh Weston. Weston takes his seat in the Black & Blue Boot Shine Hut, and Roddick gets to work. Weston is not to sure about a “Spit” shine, but Boot Boy Danny assures him it’s the best. When done with the shine, Weston is impressed with his boots and wants a spit shine on his erect boner, Roddick obliges. Roddick gets the clothes off Weston revealing one of the best bodies in Gay Porn today. Weston, and his recent diet of Colt Men, is bigger, better, and erecter than ever. Soon it is time for Weston to get his throbbing dick up Boot Boy’s Butt, and fuck Roddick all over, and in all positions, in the Boot Shine Hut. Roddick’s cock is solidly erect throughout his anal assault. And like all good Boot Boy Bottoms, shoots his load while Weston is still fucking him. Weston shoots his own load on Roddick’s leg. On leaving, Weston leaves Roddick a tip, $3.00. Weston is more beautiful than ever, but a total cheap skate.

SCENE 2:  Danny Roddick and Simon Angel [Simone De Jesus]
At the local deli, “Boot Boy” Danny Roddick only has $5.00 for lunch. But his meal will cost him much more than that. Simon Angel [Simone De Jesus] suggests there is another solution for lunch, Simon Angel (yum!!!). They go into the back kitchen for their snack. Angel may look small (next to Roddick) but once the apron is removed, Simon is big and uncut and ready. Roddick eats his human lunch with glee, Angel then gets a taste of Boot Boy cock. After a bit, Angel is up on the table for Roddick to do a some butt tasting and munching. Simon spreads his legs and Danny’s cock is in up his ass. Roddick fucks Angel in several positions in the kitchen. The two jack-off to finish, with Roddick delivering a good shooter all over Angel’s chest. Roddick leaves the deli with one of the largest sandwiches ever made in San Francisco.

SCENE 5:  Parker Williams, Trey Casteel and Danny Roddick
A very seductive Parker Williams needs the Boot Boy (Danny Roddick) to come to his home to polish up his entire Black Boot collection. Parker leaves Roddick to his work when Trey Casteel comes over “a bit horny”. While Roddick is occupied the two get busy in the room next door. Casteel gets down and gives Williams a solid blow job with Parker delivering loads of dick face slappin’ when Trey comes up for air. Then it’s Williams turn to chow down on Casteel and Williams goes repeatedly down to the base on Casteel’s hard cock. Roddick, watching from the other room, is asked to join in. Roddick jumps in and switches sucking between Casteel and Williams, back and forth, back and forth. Then it’s time for Parker to sample some Boot Boy Ass. After some major licking and munching, Williams gets his cock into Roddick and delivers an easy fuck, Roddick is rock hard throughout. Soon it becomes Casteel’s turn to get some William’s fuck action and he gets the same easy fucking while sucking Roddick’s ever enlarging cock. Eventually, Roddick gets his turn to fuck Casteel, and the young Boot Boy delivers it with energy. Youth wins out here and the fucking forces Casteel to shoot his load while Roddick keepings pound, pound, pounding away. Roddick and Williams in turn finish themselves off onto Casteel, with Boot Boy shooting another impressive cum shot. The film ends here with Williams deciding to keep Boot Boy on for a while, as pet or playmate, you’re never quite sure.

   SCENE 1: Danny Roddick, Dallas Reeves, Tory Mason, Kurt Wild, Justin Burkshire (all oral / jack-off)
   SCENE 3: Danny Roddick, Dean Phoenix (self-suck)
   SCENE 5: Danny Roddick, Jan Fischer
   SCENE 6: Dean Phoenix tops Tory Mason; Danny Roddick tops Kevin Armstrong [Ross Stuart] and Jan Fischer; Sebastian Rivers, Jordan Michaels, Dallas Reeves

   SCENE 2: Danny Roddick (top), Mason Wyler (bottom)

   SCENE 3:  Alex Chandler and Danny Roddick

   SCENE 8 (Extended Cab): Colby Taylor tops Danny Roddick

COLT Studio / Olympus: 
   SCENE 1: Lucio Maverick fucks the cum out of Alex Chandler, Danny Roddick flip-fucks with Matt Stefan
   SCENE 4: Giovanni Floretto, Julian Vincenzo and Akos Piros gang-rape Danny Roddick

AMG Brasil: 


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Danny Roddick
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Danny Roddick
San Francisco, California, September 14, 2007
COLT Studio Group announced today that it has learned that Buckshot Man and good friend, Danny Roddick passed away on September 13, 2007.

Danny Roddick


Danny Roddick