Andy Lane - Frisky and Sexy Playgirl Model



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Andy Lane - Frisky and Sexy Playgirl Model
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years active: 2010


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.

Dimi at Paragon Men comments:
Mr. Lane… in the living room…with the lead pipe! It’s all bigger in Texas, which is why this homegrown hottie is six times sexy!
   If he could live anywhere, it’d be on the moon (insert telescope joke here!) his favorite food is “Whatever you’re buying”.
   Andy claims he masturbates twelve times daily and has had 42,000 sexual partners. He also says he’s straight, but who knows what to believe? Who cares? This sandy blond stud looks good for a living! It’s our honor to keep him (oh so gainfully) employed.

Andy Lane - Frisky and Sexy Playgirl Model