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   SCENE 1: Tober Brandt (top) abuses, probes, fists and fucks Greg York (bottom)
    - note: scene concludes with Tober suspended by hooks in his flesh.


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Birthday is January 1969

Hey guys,
I'm actually a pretty shy guy at heart, although I do like showing off sexually and for the the camera. I currently am in one video with Titan Media. It's SPY QUEST 3 and I had a blast doing it. I am hoping to really get the adult modelling career off the ground this year, so if you happen to be looking for models, let me know!
   I have become very versatile over the years, but will never turn down getting pounded! I'll always be a bottom at heart I guess! Love eating ass, sucking cock, licking/smelling ripe pits, having my nips worked over, eye contact and thorougly exploring my sex partners' bodies.
   I'm happily partnered with Peter Axel and Josh West. We live on a small rural compound in the high desert of California. Many of my pictures were taken there. After years in the city, it's nice to hear coyotes instead of neighbors and traffic at night! We have a large well-equipped playroom in one of the buildings on the property and love to entertain! We're thinking of doing some webcasts, so stay tuned!
   If you've seen SPY QUEST 3, drop me a line and let me know if you liked it! If you haven't, go buy or rent it! ;-) Seriously, I love hearing from you guys, and I always try to answer email. It just might take a few days. I also maintain and profiles. Any other profiles probably are not really me.
   Have fun and don't take life (or sex!) too seriously!
   – Greg York

Greg York