Testing Waters

Buckshot Man Josh Weston

By Jeffry Davis
MGW Executive Publisher

Can you give us a little background on who you are, where you are from, and what made you become interested in being a Buckshot Man.
I grew up in Washoe Valley Nevada, not to far from your city, just east of the Sierras, I moved to the Bay Area and have lived there ever since I grew up looking at COLT and Buckshot Images and video and have always held that company in high esteem, IÕm not twenty anymore.... since starting my porn career I have grown, literally and figuratively and now feel I can walk, comfortably, in the (proverbial) COLT/Buckshot boots. It just feels right.

I realize you were a Falcon Exclusive prior to working with COLT Studio Group, what prompted the change?
IÕm very proud of the work IÕve done with Falcon, but I wanted to evolve and I felt that the best way to spur that evolution was to step out of what had become safe and comfortable, test new waters, IÕve always had a penchant for the COLT aesthetic, and am now happy to be part of there team.

Growing up, did you ever fantasize about being a porn star? If so tell us a little about that.
I grew up in a small town, it was a homogenous group, everyone drove the same truck wore the same clothes, talked the same, walked the same... judged the same. From pretty early on I knew I was unlike my friends, I didnÕt want to kiss girls or shoot bb's at chipmunks... but I went along with it all, I spent years trying to press myself into a mold others made for me, and was just about to crack when.... one day at a buddyÕs house we were watching his dad's porn tapes and at the end of one was a trailer for several other movies and one was a gay film, I think it was a Jeff Stryker film, he was dressed as some sort of commando running around a jungle, fucking hot guys, I felt liberated, not only did I get a sexual charge from it, but it was the first time I ever realized that the world was bigger then what I knew, that there was life out side that small house, on that small street, in that small town... full of small minds.

What was it like the first time you saw yourself in a video?
The first time I saw one of my videos I was at a bar, and it just happened to be on the monitors, it was surreal. Like when youÕre walking thru a store and you catch your reflection in a mirror and it gives you a start, like confronting your doppelganger. I was being fucked by Shane Rockford, I acted indifferent, but kept one eye on the screen and had a RAGING hard on!

What do you feel is a quality that separates you from other adult entertainers?
IÕve always tried, thru interviews, website journal entries, published writing etc, to make porn more of a visceral experience, to show that porn stars arenÕt paper dolls, we have depth, emotion etc. ItÕs easy to open your pants and show your dick, IÕm more aroused when people open there hearts and show there humanity.

Is working for COLT Studio Group as fun as it sounds?
What do you like most about it?

Its a blast, IÕve formed great relationships with many of the people at COLT, so IÕm always excited when we go into production, its like getting together with old friends. I also must confess that being a model on a shoot also scratches a hedonistic itch, youÕre treated incredibly well, people are constantly asking how your doing what you need... its nice to be mooned over now and again.

Now you will be with us in Sacramento at the Depot on March 24th for our Fag Friday party, what do you think about Sacramento?
I must confess I donÕt know Sacramento very well, perhaps one of your readers could show me a thing or two.... or three.

Have you ever been to Sacramento or made an appearance here?
IÕve never appeared in Sacramento, and my stays there were always to brief a treat.

We have a market of men that are hungry for more entertainment. Being that you live in San Francisco, do you feel that Sacramento could handle the types of entertainment SF has to offer?
Oh' I think Sacramento guys will be "up" for a little San Francisco entertainment.

When you are off the set, what do you like to do?
My sister and I recently purchased a home in the east bay, circa 1908, and not much has been done to it since, itÕs become a giant art project, trying my hand at renovation, tiling, lathe and plaster work, refinishing floors, doors and drawers.... but am most sated in the garden, I could prune pick and plant all day... IÕm happiest when thereÕs dirt under my nails.

If you donÕt mind me asking, are your currently involved? And if not keep in mind I am single! Ha-ha
IÕm sort of involved, or I was involved... I fear its cooling. ItÕs the little things that speak the loudest... he used to hold my hand when the plane took off.

Do you feel that being a Porn Star? Affects your ability to socialize, and if so do you feel that it is an advantage or disadvantage?
I must admit I get recognized way more then I ever thought I would... and I love it. As for difficulty in being in porn, I'm always surprised that many people think that if you do porn itÕs because you had no other options in life, last refuge of the scoundrel. I could have been anything in the world I wanted to be, and IÕm doing exactly what I want. People are also often taken back by porn stars that think, are intelligent, I guess they donÕt expect it. Just because I get double fucked on camera doesnÕt mean I canÕt conjugate a verb.

Ok now for the questions all the readers want me to ask?

What's your favorite position/thing to do sexually and why?
I used to answer this sort of question in a very provocative way, but the older I get the more I love.... just making love, on my back arms folded behind my head with a guy inside me, just looking into each others eyes... its that locked stare I love the most, its like being underwater, the world muddles and falls away... and all you can hear is your own heart beat.

If you could choose a fantasy to fulfill in a film, what would that be?
It would be the prior answer with COLT Man Exclusive Carlo Masi.

If you could work with any adult star, who would it be, and why?
Again, prior answer. As to why, I've met him once or twice and besides his obvious physical attributes I also know he has heart. John can you make this happen please?

What films can I expect to see you in next?
IÕve just completed two movies for Buckshot Productions. Hard Studies which comes out in early May and Boot Black Blues which you can expect around mid-September

Tell us how you keep in such great shape!
Answer: IÕm thinking of writing a book The Masochist's Guide to Dieting. IÕve always subscribed to a pretty jejune diet; I just eat clean simple whole foods, no sugars or starches. As for exercise, IÕve worked out since high school, and have always been in shape, I think lifting when I was young and still growing was beneficial; it gave me a good foundation to build upon.... I also can not say enough about yoga, Ashtanga yoga in particular, its like gymnastics, it stretches and lengthens your muscles, and it increases your internal body temperature causing a profuse sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. It shifts your cells.... and is great ballast to weight training.

What are your long-term goals? Do they include adult entertainment?
I think often of that Jeff Stryker trailer I saw as a kid, I remember how it felt seeing it, it left me suspended between groundlessness and flight, the chains fell away and my heart and cock swelled. It brought light into an otherwise dark childhood. I hope one of my films shows a young kid that his urges arenÕt wrong, and that he is not alone. Hold on longer, life will get better. Hope comes in many forms, even porn.

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