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Josef Socher / Josef
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Josef Socher / Josef

years active: 2006 - 2009


stats / info:
Nationality: Czech Republic
Age (2006): 27
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Home City: Pilsen
Height: 178 cm / 5'10''
Foot Size: 8 (convert)
Weight: 75 kg / 167 lbs
Penis Size: 17 cm / 6.7''
Hobbies: Sport, Cars
Favorite Sports: Box, Fitness, Climbing
Active Sports: Box
Favorite Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Daniel Landa, Vin Diesel, Mike Tyson
Visited Countries: Whole Europe
Want To Visit Countries: South America
Life-Dream: World champion in box, Climb up on K2

William Higgins comments:
This is “Killer’s” Helping Hand. Please recall, Killer warned us when he agreed to do a solo photo shoot, ‘If anyone tries to touch me, I’ll KILL ‘EM.” Hence was born the nickname that will stay with him evermore. The photos speak for themselves as to just how much Killer HATES this work. I had to pleasure of working with him yesterday when he did an Airport Security episode. I can tell you Killer is turning into an uber-top. In my business, you’re always nice to them. I am sure Killer is absolutely str8. Oh, yeah! He really is the macho man, in an out of hospital because of pub brawls. He moonlights from his day job, which I cannot possibly mention, as a pub bouncer. I would not suggest giving Killer any lip. In bed, is Killer a pussycat? Make up your own mind. In subsequent shoots, I’ll explain some of his restrictions.

Josef Socher / Josef