Lance Rowen - Frisky British Hung Show-Off and Dildo Boy 122628




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years active: 2010 - 2012


stats / info:
Nationality: Great Britain
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Cock: 8" uncut

Lance is one of these young men with one of those boyish faces and manly bodies! He has one of the naughtiest smiles and being his first time naked on camera he knows he is doing something naughty and frequently burst into fits of laughter! As his shirt comes off you can admire his very muscular body; as his jeans come down you can admire his healthy bulge and check out those boxers! They are see-through and what a piece of uncut meat, every part of this lad is pumped up and over sized!

New boy Lance is stripping on camera for the first time; he is one of those slightly shy but very confident guys, loves showing off his body and as an amateur body builder he is used too showing off in a small thong while people look on! Today he strips down to some see through boxers and its soon obvious he is as built in his boxers as all his muscles outside them! After a little bit of teasing and showing off in lots of pairs of pants he pulls them down to show off an incredible large soft uncut cock; that with just a little attention gets even bigger and pops up straight at the sky! Lance is not shy about showing off any part of his body and he is soon sucking his own cock and exposing his whole which he shows off better than most str8 lads I have worked with! Some pumping of hot cock later and Lance shoots a nice load on his abs.