Dean Rogers - Hung and Pierced Gay Porn Performer 123216


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For nearly a Decade, Dirty Tony has been filming guys and posting them on the web. Pro-Am presentations.


years active: 2010 - 2012


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Age (2012): 39
Height: 6'
Weight: 162
Orientation: Gay

DIRTY TONY comments:
Dean is a very sweet, in shape, and quite demure new-comer onto the scene. He is a little more mature than most of my stable of hotties. But, with his handsome rugged facial hair and striking brown eyes, I thought I might as well give him a chance. Dean is a bit shy, but under that cloak of innocence and sexy face fuzz I knew lay a cum-hungry sex pig that loves to suck dick and get covered in jizz from head to toe. Do I know how to pick 'em or what? As soon as I mention that bukakke was a special treat we might have in store for him, his big brown eyes lit right up and he practically begged me to get some dicks in his mouth now! I can't wait to see this hunk covered and smothered. Now, being a late bloomer, Dean has never fucked on film, he was an underwear model and rationalized that one thing would obviously lead to another dick in ass on film. In his private life having a little dry spell lately, and with a huge white smile, he gave me the green flag to get him laid more often. Look at the good I do! Dean starts stroking his impressive package cased in tight, tight blue jeans. A huge cock begins emerging under its wraps until he unbuttons and reveals a big thick schlong right under a big beautiful huge natural pubic bush. He plays with his dick piercing and comes to full attention. Dean pulls off his shirt; exposing a sleek man coat of chest hair, perky nipples that he cant stop touching, and a rock hard working man's stomach. He then slips off his jeans so he can wrap his hand around his sack and give his balls a good tugging. All the while flopping his big ol' sausage around and slapping himself in the thigh. His hairy chest and broad shoulders look so good as Dean beats his meat, I again start to wonder how good they will look with load dripping off of them. Already at the edge, Dean cranks a giant jizz rocket onto his hairy six pack, and before I can even get close, Dean starts eating it like he is at a holiday buffet. I hope he is hungry in a few days, I just might have the meal of his life for him.

Dean Rogers - Hung and Pierced Gay Porn Performer 123216