Roman Ragazzi


MEN  November 2007
UNZIPPED  August 2007
HONCHO  April 2008
TORSO  February 2008


Raging Stallion: 
   SCENE 1: Ricky Sinz tops Roman Ragazzi
   SCENE 7: Jake Deckard tops Roman Ragazzi   

   SCENE 6: Luke Hass tops Roman Ragazzi

   SCENE 8: Roman Ragazzi (bottom), Barrett Long (top)
   SCENE 3: Brodie Sinclair tops Roman Ragazzi
   BONUS MATERIAL: 3 Roman Ragazzi scenes from previous RSS releases

Raging Stallion / Monster Bang: 
   SCENE 2: Remy Delaine (top), Roman Ragazzi (bottom)

Collin O'Neal's World of Men: 
   SCENE 5: Mason Wyler (top/bottom), C.J. Madison (top), Roman Ragazzi (bottom)


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Roman Ragazzi
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Roman Ragazzi
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Roman Ragazzi


dates active : 2007

stats / info :
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: havel
Endowment: 9" x 7" cut

Roman Ragazzi

Dateline San Francisco March 2, 2007
Collin O'Neal Productions and Raging Stallion Studios Sign Roman Ragazzi to Exclusive Contract:

In a joint announcement Collin O'Neal and Chris Ward presented newcomer Roman Ragazzi as the first of a series of exclusive models to be shared between the two production companies. Raging Stallion and Collin O'Neal Productions have a close business relationship for the purposes of distributing films produced and directed by Collin O'Neal. Ragazzi was discovered by O'Neal as part of an ongoing world-wide talent search aimed at discovering the hottest men on earth.  Ward, president of Raging Stallion Studios immediately agreed to sign the new actor who's rock hard body seems as if it were chiseled out of solid granite by a master sculptor. Roman commented about his new career choice: "I have always wanted to do this--I have been working on my body for many years.  I enjoy male beauty and I want to share myself with other men around the world.  I have known Collin for many years and I trust him. So when Collin introduced me to Chris, we all hit it off.  He and Chris at Raging Stallion are two men that I trust with my image--this is very important to me.  If I am going to do porn, I only want to work with the best and be presented in the best way possible."
   Roman is beyond a shadow of any doubt the sexiest, hairy, muscled stud to turn up in the porn world in years. His masculine face and permanent five o'clock shadow compliment his perfectly hairy torso, six pack abs and huge legs.  In addition, Roman has a fat nine-inch cock! His Mediterranean heritage blends the best aspects from a gene pool that for centuries has produced the finest examples of the classic male form. Indeed, his perfectly proportioned features would easily rank him among the finest examples of Michelangelo's Renaissance era model pool.
   Collin has known Roman for years, so when Roman started asking him about what studio he should consider working with, Collin swiftly replied, "mine!". Says Collin, "I was really confused when Roman started asking me about porn. Roman is such a quiet and reserved guy that I just could not imagine him entering the porn world. Negotiations went on for quite a long time and then I finally flew Roman to Serbia this past weekend to perform for me and he was more than amazing.
   Ward was equally excited about the new star. "Roman is a god!  There is no other way to say it.  I have dealt with some of the hottest men on earth, and this one is right up there with the best. Collin has really out done himself with this one!  We look forward to developing Roman's career over the next year. Raging Stallion is known for having the hottest new men in the business, and thanks to Collin O'Neal, Roman Ragazzi will continue to keep us on top!"
   Collin O'Neal, who has emerged as a world class director with his company, Collin O'Neal Productions, has started an aggressive, worldwide campaign to recruit the best possible talent into the growing Collin O'Neal / Raging Stallion talent pool.  Ward, who recently received the prestigious GayVn Hall of Fame Award for his years as a top director and producer, urged men from around the world to get in touch with Collin to talk about careers in gay erotica. "Collin has a real talent for searching out and finding the best men on earth--Roman is the most recent and perhaps the best example.  If anyone out there is considering a career in porn, Collin is the man to contact!"
   Roman just filmed his first round of sex scenes for Collin O'Neal on location in Serbia.  He is already scheduled to shoot next month in both San Francisco and in Miami.
   Roman's first release is scheduled for May 2007.

Roman Ragazzi