Nolan - Sean Cody Gay Porn Performer 123649



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Nolan - Sean Cody Gay Porn Performer 123649

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years active: 2011 - 2012


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Nationality: U.S.A.

SEAN CODY comments:
What is there to say about someone who has a perfect body and doesn't even have a gym membership? That's Nolan and he has been one of the kindest and most genuine guys I have met in a long time.
   He spent a few years in the Navy and travelled to South America where he fell in love with Peru. There were a few times that he called me "sir" and I thought he was going to jump to attention at any moment!
   Even though he's travelled the world, there is an innocent quality about him... like he is still exploring life. Now this might sound odd, but this was going to be his first time using lube to jerk off.
   "In all of your jerking off experience," I joked, "Have you ever used lube?"
   "No actually... that's one thing, I've never used lube. I don't understand what the difference is."
   "You never experimented with hand lotion?"
   "A little bit of lotion but other than that it's been two times that I've done that."
   I gave him some lube to rub on his cock. It was like he had never seen a bottle of it. He curiously asked if he should put it on both hands. As he rubbed his cock he mentioned it was very slippery.
   "Do you like it or no?" I asked.
   "I like it!" he smiled.
   I can't say if the lube made a difference in his excitement for the day... but the load he unleashed all over just kept coming and coming!

Nolan - Sean Cody Gay Porn Performer 123649