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Kurt at Sean Cody
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years active: 2008 - 2010


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Nationality: U.S.A.

Sean Cody comments:
A friend of mine moved to the southern part of the U.S. about a year ago to pursue a job opportunity.
   Of course, we've kept in touch and, like most of my friends, he's always on the lookout for hot guys!
   He met Kurt in a supermarket. He said that Kurt seemed like he was looking for something and didn't know where it was, so that's how my friend struck up a conversation.
   Kurt is a very sweet guy who has "aw, shucks" written all over him.
   He's 22 years old, straight, and a college student.
   Once he came out for a visit, it was kind of a challenge to keep him focused. Literally, he was looking at every single female ass that walked by!
   I bet his cute face and huge cock get him a lot of play...

Kurt at Sean Cody