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Aaron King
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Aaron King
Model Galleries & Video. Very good quality. Straight guys doing not very Straight Things.

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dates active: 2006 - 2007

aka: Gavin (Sean Cody)

stats / info:
BORN: October 12, 1983; NYC
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 175#
BIO: Aaron came to NYC to pursue a career in accounting, with no plans to break into the gay adult entertainment industry. Only after some coaxing was he able to overcome his shyness and make his porn debut. Aaron’s performance in Quickies might be the only time viewers are able to see him fuck in front of the camera. Even after shooting, he was so nervous, that he refused to watch himself during playback. We saw it, though. And, we have a feeling you’ll fall for this sexy ex-frat boy, too.

Aaron King

SEAN CODY comments:

Gavin & Dayton
Gavin is a hot little muscular blond who applied to work with us. He has a friend who has done porn who was encouraging him to give it a try. Gavin told me he's mostly a top, but as it turns out he's quite a talented bottom as well. Dayton loves hairy, muscular asses and was quite enthusiastic as he fucked Gavin silly. After we were done, Gavin had a hard time walking and his legs were shaking - both signs that a top has done a good job!

Boyd & Gavin
Boyd was really curious about how his first time with another guy would be.
The day of the shoot I went to pick him up and he was still in the shower, singing loudly in German. I waited for a few minutes and out he came, all wet, with a big smile on his face and his beautiful cock swinging between his legs. As he dried himself off, he told me about his favorite sex positions with his girlfriend and how he was going to try them on the "other dude." It was obvious he was horny! So, off we went to pick up Gavin, who all ready and waiting. Now, Boyd is the kind of guy who can instantly make someone feel comfortable. This boy definitely has the gift of gab. Within three minutes, the two of them were laughing it up as we drove. I knew this was going to be fun! To say that Boyd knows how to fuck is an understatement. I really didn't have to tell him what to do and he genuinely seemed to enjoy himself. After the shoot, I asked him what he was going to do with the money he had made. He told me that he was going to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. I don't know if she knew what he was up to or not. There are some questions you learn not to ask!

Gavin & Ajay
Gavin and Ajay immediately clicked. Gavin had seen Ajay on the site and had been asking for a while about riding his big cock. The schedules never quite aligned until now. We generally have a bit of setting up to do before a shoot, and sometimes the models use that time to shoot the shit and get to know each other. Gavin and Ajay spent that time sitting on the sofa, close together, under a blanket (with only their heads sticking out). I could see hands moving all over under the blanket, so I knew this was going to be a good shoot! Once we got started, Gavin (who is nothing if not blunt) told us he wanted to forego the chit-chat and get right into Ajay's pants. It's funny because you never know how two models are going to react to each other and this time the lust was thick in the air. We have a saying around here that when a model gets fucked by Ajay he's been "Ajayed". We say that because Ajay's cock is pretty damn big and anyone who can take it deserves a special moniker! Gavin loved licking Ajay's muscles, and sucking his cock, and finally, getting "Ajayed"...

Gage & Gavin
Gage is an adorable muscle stud and when he first appeared on the site we received a lot of e-mail from people who wanted to see more of him. Gavin loves muscular guys — and if they're country boys that's even better! I love Gage's hairy body and couldn't wait to see him get it on. He'd never fucked another guy before but I knew he'd do great. He and Gavin were a good match and Gage fucked him so well that Gavin was shaking afterward!

Gage & Gavin (Behind The Scenes)
Behind-the-scenes footage of Gage and Gavin, before, during, and after the shoot. Gavin and I went to Gage's hotel to wake him up and I brought along my camcorder. Gage looks looks so cute when he first gets up — all scruffy and muscular!

Aaron King