Tim Karnowski :: Tim Maxim  

  May 2002
INCHES  April 2001 (as: Marcel Maxim)


A WANK IN THE WOODS   William Higgins
WANK PARTY 8: CHRISTMAS 2002    William Higgins


FRESHMEN MAGAZINE & GALLERIES:   www.ClubFreshmen.com  
   Extensive variety of Galleries featuring Younger Men from the 80s to present.  
   Similar to the Advocate "MEN" pay site, which is excellent.


WILLIAM HIGGINS:   www.WilliamHiggins.com   
   Gallery, Video and information of the European Adventures of William Higgins.
   One of the largest and most comprehensive sites. Galleries feature hundreds of images from each shoot.

   Sets Available at Williams Higgins Website:
   (99782)  Maxim Back to Ensemble?
   (99505)  Maxim Goes To Bed
   (99452)  Maxim v Timo 1st Camera
   (99451)  Maxim v Timo 2nd Camera
   (99617)  Maxim`s BP Shoot
   (99822)  Viva Maxim


aka: Tim Maxim (William Higgins)
, Marcel Maxim

Tim Karnowski :: Tim Maxim

Tim Karnowski :: Tim Maxim

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