Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini


PLAYGIRL  May 2004



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Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini
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Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini
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Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini
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Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini

years active: 2004 - 2009

aka: Franco Santorini (Sharpshooter), Franco (Playgirl), Franco Cortez (Randy Blue)

stats / info:
Nationality: Venezuala (?)
Body type: 5' 11" / Body builder
Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: fitness.underwear model.trainer

Randy Blue comments:
I don't know what you notice first about Franco Cortez, his dark, sultry looks, his amazing muscular body, his handsome face, or his sexy accent. I really liked the pics he sent me when he applied to be a model, but it wasn't until I heard his voice that I knew I wanted him on the site. Plus, I really like to mix up the type of guys I have on RandyBlue and since we had a younger guy on for Monday, I thought it was nice to feature Franco who's 30, more mature and just oozes machismo. He's a very laid back kind of guy, spending a lot of time relaxing on the beach with his friends or going out and having fun. He obviously spends a good deal of time at the gym, which is evident by the bulging roundness of his biceps, the definition in his abs, and that oh so sexy six-pack. His awesome legs are also quite muscular with a nicely shaped cock swinging between them. With his good looks you would almost expect him to be a bit standoffish but nothing could be further from the truth. When he talks he's got this adorable ear to ear grin that immediately puts you at ease. He's very friendly and outgoing and is as much fun to converse with as he is sexy to look at. Franco was really excited for his first shoot and more than a little nervous, but like a lot of guys was able to relax once the cameras were on and he was starting to really get into it. He really works up a sweat while beating his meat, which I found really sexy. His smooth skin gets all shiny while the look of concentration on his face shows you that he's giving all he's got. And while his hands are running up and down along his shaft, slick and shiny with lube, his arm muscles flex showing off all his hard gym work. 

Franco Cortez / Franco Santorini