Race Cooper


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XXX (MVP-099)


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Race Cooper
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Race Cooper

years active: 2009


stats / info:
Nationality: Canada
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Body Type: Muscular
Body Hair: Smooth
Endowment: 9" Cut
Position: Versatile

Falcon Studios Interview, March 2009:
This guy is gonna blow up huge! He’s beautiful, he’s sexy, and his body makes me sick– he’s so perfect! And he’s a breath of fresh air. And he doesn’t take himself so seriously! He’s also my workout partner.

Race Cooper

FALCON: My current mood is…
RACE COOPER: reflective.

You’re a newcomer to porn, how did you get your big break?
XXX’ was actually the very first porn flick I ever did. Living in San Francisco, it’s not very difficult to know people who work, perform or associate with the adult entertainment industry. Lucky for me I had some very grounded friends (Bo Matthews, and Steve Cruz) who gave me some solid advice, should I ever be ready to perform as a porn model. Having them around gave me a strong idea of what it was like, before I started working in it. When I was finally ready to start doing it you cast me.

Shooting your first porn movie, was it all you thought it would be? Was it difficult getting love-sexy in front of crew of strangers?
I think I’m a pretty sexual person, and I’ve always been an entertainer and exhibitionist. So, no... it wasn’t difficult. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous the first time, because I was. I think the only expectation I had, was that it was going to be a job, and that part of that job was to try to give an exceptional performance. It helped that you were directing me, and that my scene partner was the crazy hot Scott Alexander. That helped me to get over my nerves, and really just try to have a lot of fun. Which I think we did... I mean, I’ve never laughed that much on set, ever!

When the lights are off and the camera no longer rolling… what gets you smoking hot?
Hmmmm... well, I guess hunky muscular men are a given. But more than the physical, can be a man with integrity. Integrity isn’t a commodity that you see in men very often. If we’re talking about what I like to do sexually... it’s a lot! I’m a freak, and I know it. I’m into bondage, S&M, wrestling, watersports, fisting, the list goes on and on... I like to have my limits tested. Life like sex, is more interesting and fun, if there are challenges to overcome.

OK, I have to ask ‘Race’ Cooper?! A black man named ‘Race’? are you serious?
Hell, yeah!!! We all know that the adult entertainment industry is just a facet of media as a whole. Regardless of recent achievements in politics, there are still biases, stigmas and stereotypes that permeate this industry. I’m of mixed races, however, most people don’t see anything but a black man. So why not, just put it out there, and call myself by what most people see first? Also, being a writer, I like word-play. Having Cooper as my last name, and Race as my first is almost like saying to another driver, “Let’s go! Bring it!””

Speaking of Race, I had you specifically in mind for a steamy duo with Scott Alexander. Top studios don’t often put black men together in the same scene unless its a black-themed movie. The result was electric! In your own words, why is this a scene we can’t miss?
I’m really fucking glad you put us together. You can always tell when there’s good chemistry on a scene. I’ve always been able to see that, even as a viewer, and Scott and I have it in spades! More than that, we fucked the hell out of each other. Seriously, you’d swear it was bloody murder. Our flip-fuck is that fucking good! Scott has a banging body, and a huge fucking cock, and he fucking gives it to me hard. But I paid him back. I have a feeling, more studios may do the chocolate fuck scene in the future.

What does ‘XXX’ mean to you?
The visuals that pop into my mind are taboo things, I remember when I was a kid. The sign at the back of the video store that said ‘adults only’. The cartoon bottle of poison that Wylie Coyote would mistakenly drink. But I think when you strip back all those taboo layers, you get to what is essentially the core of human sexuality. The hunger, the sweat, the release. ‘XXX’ is what is at our basic core, of satiating the beast. It’s hardcore!

If you didn’t get into porn, what do you think you’d be doing instead?
Pilgrimaging to foreign lands, and healing the poor. I kid. I don’t know! I guess I’d be doing what I always do, write about life. What do any of us do, when sex is no longer a factor in our lives? We make up shit as we go along... and try to give our lives some sort of purpose. I’ve never seen myself doing anything more, than entertaining others. At the end of the day, making others feel good is the best purpose in life.

I make porn because...
I’m a sexual deviant, and God told me to do this, when I saw ‘Jesus’ in my toast. I kid. Um... because it keeps the world going round, and bills paid on time. Other than that, I think I’m pretty good at it. 

Race Cooper