Adam Cooper / Adam


   SCENE 1: Adam Cooper and brother Race jack each other off
   SCENE 3: Adam Cooper (top), Beau Marcus (bottom)
   SCENE 5: Adam Cooper (top), Blair (bottom)
   SCENE 7: Adam Cooper and Zack Randall flip-fuck and double-dildo
   BONUS SCENE: Tristan (top), Adam Cooper (bottom)


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for films as: Jason Reddick


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Adam Cooper / Adam
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dates active: 2006 - 2007

aka: Jason Reddick

stats / info:
Age (2006): 24

Bryan Ockert / ChaosMen comments:
OK, so I have a major crush on Adam.
A polite Texas-boy with down home charm but a naughty streak that might even make me blush.
One thing I learned about Adam during the photo shoot, was that not only does he have a big 'ole dick, but he has no qualms about showing-off his amazing ass, and even likes to finger it and uh..have it played with.
This boy is adorable, and makes me want to wake up next to him.
On top of all that, he is cleverly funny, with a sharp sense of humor, and you can tell he loves to laugh.
Enjoy this hot boy, you will be seeing more of him! 

Adam Cooper / Adam Adam Cooper / Adam
Video Number: 159 (Adam & Race in Videos: Brothers)
Adam started of by telling me that his brother had a kick ass body and that he was interested in doing vids. I asked him if he'd seen his brother naked, and he replied, "All the time, we ran around naked as kids, and have even had sex with the same girls at the same time." He then proceeded to tell me all the crazy shit they did growin' up together.
   He sent a picture of Race, and I have to admit I was disapointed that Race didn't look a whole bunch like Adam. They only have the same mother, so I guess half-brothers is more like it, but for me, it still counts. And Race clearly did have a kick ass body.
   They do have the same build. It's so interesting to see the roll of the DNA dice and how some things are similar (their torso are clones of each other) and yet Adam has got a bigger floppy dick, while Race got a rock hard respectably sized piston.
   If you haven't figured it out by now, Adam will pretty much try anything twice and loves a challenge. I asked him if he thought his brother and he could do a side-by-side jack off instead of a solo. Adam assured me that Race wouldn't mind and that we could push the boundries a bit..not TOO far, but far enough to have fun.
   Race is 30, married to a bisexual woman, and I think everyone around him has questioned if he was gay or not. He's a good 'ole Texas country boy, and has the charming quality that I think Adam has in spades.
   So this is a fun video. Lots of out takes as I wanted it to be silly and not so dang serious (it gets serious though) with a touch of sibling rivalry.
   Once again, I think this is a totally memorable and collectible video, and even if you shudder at the thought of playing with your own brother, the vid is undeniably fun and hot. I don't have a brother, so the whole concept fascinates me.
   Finally, I have to say that I think because you end up reading summaries on other sites that are so obviously faked, that I wonder if you all really believe my own summaries. Frankly I dont have time to make this stuff up. I would hazard to say these summaries are about 90 percent legit.(changing names and locations to protect the innocent) So even if Adam and Race are by no means twins, yes, the are in fact brothers.

Adam Cooper / Adam