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Clint - Chaos Men
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years active: 2007 - 2008

stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Age (2007): 19

Brian Ockert / Chaos Men comments:
Clint is an interesting guy. He's 19 and during our photoshoot when I ask all kinds of questions to get to know them, he told me that he was a virgin.
   He says he wants to save that one special thing for his wife. But until then his absolute favorite thing is to get head.
   I dunno why I find it intriquing that he is a virgin, but I kept wondering if I could talk him in to playing with a guy, after all, he wouldn't be giving away anything special in that way. Here's a guys who really watched the straight porn I had for him, but I kept thinking I might easily get him to play on our team a couple games. There is some sugah there.
   In fact, he mentioned several times how much he liked getting head, that I'm pretty sure I can talk him into getting his dick sucked by a dude. Stay tuned!

Clint - Chaos Men