Calvin - Sean Cody Performer 123293



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Calvin - Sean Cody Performer 123293

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years active: 2010


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Nationality: U.S.A.

Sean Cody comments:
Calvin is a twenty five year old, free spirit kind of guy. He has a very laid back attitude and is up for anything including getting naked wherever he can.
   While in college, Calvin pledged a fraternity.
   “Did you have to go through any initiation?”
   “Ya, I had to eat a whole bunch of nasty shit,” he said. “One time, I had to chew down a live goldfish and swallow it. It was gross.”
   Calvin also has a healthy sexual stamina and wishes he could have more sex than he does now. On top of that, he works out every week in order to maintain his lean defined body. He’s got a great chest, flat abs, nice tight ass and a thick eight-inch cock.
   “Do guys stare at you in the gym when you’re showering?”
   “The gym is such a rough place for me to go because I never wear underwear and you can see it through my gym shorts,” he said. “So, I’m always working out and my shit’s visible — you can see the outline of the head and everything. I can’t help it, it’s just big.”
   Yeah, we completely agree!

Calvin - Sean Cody Performer 123293