Written, Directed By: Tom Bradford
Director of Photography: Dennis Cameron
First Asst. Director: Leslie Manzel
Stills Photography: Gabriel Bareth
Key Make-Up: Sasha
Dolly Operator: Andras Monori
Cameraman: Norman Erdei
Supervising Sound Editor: Attila Sziraki
Production Supervisor: Mark Molnar
Production Design: David Apor
Costume Designer: Peter Basco
Set Decorator: Erik Dobo
Location Security: Vilmos Lendvay
Title Design: Alexander Gray

Distribution: Sarava Productions/Paladin
Running time: 120 Minutes
Retail release date: April 2005

Ukrainian Bad Boys:

Ivan Gregorovich: Head Mechanic / Master-mind behind the scheme
Steve Toth: Mechanic and Master-mind Side-Kick/Henchman
Igor Viard: Mechanic Bad Boy
Daniel Kilmer: Head Code Breakin' Ukrainian
Rob Parker [Antonio Fargo]: Code Breakin' Ukrainian
Pavel Nemec: Code Breakin' Ukrainian

Ukrainian Crime Busters:
Peter Tomanek [Reszo Farkas]: Head Ukrainian Crime Buster
Tamas Eszterhazy: Ukrainian Crime Buster
Jeremy Shelton [Jeremy Sheldon]: Ukrainian Crime Buster
Zoltan Erdey: Ukrainian Crime Buster
Roberto Giorgio: Ukrainian Crime Busters' Secret Weapon

Fabrice Felder
Gabor Bacso
Attila Rajnay
David Barthory



The Story Basics:

In the Ukraine, Mob-Boss Ivan Gregorovich is exchanging Code Disks with his Russian cohorts via a cargo jet network. A new disk is expected which will be able to crack the security of the World-Wide Banking System, making all involved rich. But the Authorities hope to foil their plans, by infiltrating the mechanic crew which service the jets.

Scene By Scene

The jet arrives with the disk, and Igor Viard is in charge of getting it to the boss, who will then hand it over to his Code Breakin' Ukrainians. The exchange will be at the Boss' nearby studio. Showing the Boss to be a cultured man.

Peter Tomanek [Reszo Farkas]
Tamas Eszterhazy
Jeremy Sheldon [Jeremy Shelton]
Zoltan Erdey

Meanwhile, back at the Ukrainian Crime Busters' Base of Operation (a banana warehouse), the head Crime Buster, Peter Tomanek [Reszo Farkas], lays out a plan. But the crew looks unexcited and "gloomy". Peter decides the crew needs a bit of morale boost with a 4-way orgy. Peter and Jeremy Shelton [Jeremy Sheldon] take charge and generally top positions. With Tamas Eszterhazy and Zoltan Erdey eagerly on the receiving end.

The next day, with morale boosted, the Crime Busters start their mission at the Hangar. Introductions are made to the Mechanic Crew.

Daniel Kilmer
Rob Parker
Pavel Nemec

At the Code Breakers Hide-Out, after two days of trying to decrypt the disk, a frustrated Rob Parker [Antonio Fargo] is about to give up. Daniel Kilmer suggests a relaxing break from his work. Pavel Nemec joins in for a break from hacking code himself. After a bit of oral action, Daniel mounts thick-dicked Rob and Pavel mounts Daniel for some double-fuck action. Kilmer gives and receives well in this position. Daniel and Pavel then take turns fucking Rob. But Pavel does get his turn taking Daniel up the butt, before his break is over. The boys all relieve their frustration all over Pavel.

Fabrice Felder
Gabor Bacso
Tamas Eszterhazy

At the local gym, the mechanics are enjoying a bit of after-hours sparring practice. Fabrice Felder lets Tamas Eszterhazy know that someone really likes him. From the bulge in Tamas' shorts, he likes Fabrice as well. Gabor Bacso joins in, hoping they will like him as well, and they do! So much so, Gabor sucks, gets sucked and fucked and fucks. Tamas then takes Fabrice for a championship ride.

At Crime Busters' Base of Operation, it is decided to send in their secret weapon, Roberto Giorgio.

Igor Viard [Steve Jennings]
Attila Rajnay
David Barthory

Next day at the Gym, Igor Viard [Steve Jennings] and Roberto Giorgio make plans to get together, but Roberto needs to run off for a bit. Attila Rajnay remembers when he was Igor's favorite dinner date, and reminds Igor that he's still worthy of attention. Attila is worthy of anyone's attention and gets it from both Igor and David Barthory, from every direction. But Igor needs a little attention as well, and gets fucked by David and then rides Attila for old times sake.

Daniel Kilmer
Steve Toth
Ivan Gregorovich

The Code Disk gets cracked, and Daniel agrees to deliver it to the Mob-Boss' studio for the agreed payment. But Daniel is in no hurry to leave, and gets man-sandwiched between Ivan and Steve Toth. All start a slow strip and grope. Ivan lets them know who is the boss with bit of dildo action to get the underlings warmed up, and then proceeds to to plow both Steve and Daniel at will. Toth also takes a turn at humping Daniel, and then lets Kilmer do him. Gregorovich and Tosh then finish themselves off by screwing Kilmer who remains rock hard throughout an ass-pounding assault.

Roberto Giorgio
Igor Viard [Steve Jennings]

That night at Igor's apartment, Roberto proves himself a worthy master of infiltration. And who could resist Giorgio, who is always sexy and willing. Willing to let Igor "do" him, but only after finding out the rendezvous for the disk exchange. With the mission accomplished, Giorgio has no problem turning the tables, and gives Igor quite a forceful fuck.

The Ending:
Next day in the Hangar, at the appointed time, the Ukrainian Crime Busters sweep in and handcuff the evil-doers. It's off to prison with them, and perhaps a sequel... Ukrainian Bad Boys Behind Bars.

Excellent Production Values, and an entertaining plot.
Energetic Sex Scenes, and a good cast.


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