Matthew Rush, Jason Adonis, Arpad Miklos, Bobby Williams, Brad Patton, Corbin Michaels, Dean Monroe, Ethan Marc, Jean Franko, Nate Alexander, Tristan Adonis, Troy Punk, Jean Franko, Ashley Long (non-sexual)
Director: Chris Steele


"Taking Flight" is an international two-parter directed by Chris Steele. An instant classic, Mr. Steele puts a diverse group of hot men together for scene after scene of scorching sex, a keeper from the first kiss to the last cum-shot. The coffee-tea-or-me concept plays out in the U.S. and the U.K. as the crew and passengers travel oversees for all their erogenous ambitions will allow.

Jason Adonis and Ethan Marc are lovers making love in the opener before pilot Jason leaves for a trip. The sex here is slow and sensual with lots of mutual cocksucking and kissing. Ethan cums while being fucked, and Jason pulls out and dumps his load on Ethan's hips before they kiss in the afterglow.

The next scene takes place on an airplane, following some footage of the passengers boarding what looks like a real plane. After take-off, Bobby Williams and Corbin Michaels retreat to the bathroom for a little mile-high action. The sex doesn't come off as cramped or uncomfortable. These guys go at it like bunnies in heat. After they eat dick, they trade fucks, Bobby taking it up the chute, seated (Corbin's perky butt is perched on the sink), and then Bobby fucks Corbin doggy, Corbin now bent over the sink.

During the overnight flight to London, as the other passengers sleep, Tristan Adonis and Nate Alexander trade furtive glances, and eventually ferocious blowjobs, as Nate's woman sleeps in the seat between them. They begin by pulling pud as the other watches, but Nate, unable to resist, goes down on Tristan's thick meat first, gobbling it down. Nate is a great cocksucker. Tristan returns the favor, also stretched across the sleeping girlfriend's lap. After cumming, they return their seats to the upright, locked position.

In London, Matthew Rush, Josh Weston and Jason Adonis are shown taking in the sights of London, both scenic and otherwise. The "otherwise" comes in the form of a sex club. Inside, musclebound Matthew hooks up with muscled and furry Troy Punk, a sandy-haired dynamo with a square jaw and a nice tan. Troy goes all cheerio on the hard bone, then Matthew oohs and aahs as he swallows Troy's uncut pecker and furry asscrack on and around a steel staircase.

We seque to a horny gaggle around the corner and down the hall to see what Josh Weston is up to. He checks out Dean Monroe, Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos and Brad Patton getting it on. Dean gorges on cock, oscillating from Brad to Jean to Arpad, and then Jean samples Dean's thick meat. Nevertheless, the thickest and biggest of the bunch is Brad's humongous honker with its swooping upward curve. Then, as if taking Brad wasn't enough, he gets double-fucked by Jean and Arpad. Jean, Brad and Arpad then stand over Dean to pop their loads.

In a chance encounter, flight attendant Josh Weston bumps into pilot Jason Adonis in the sex club. To be continued in "Taking Flight: Part 2.

Jason Adonis, Maxx Diesel, Carlo Cox, Christoph Scharff, Gus Mattox, Josh Weston, Kent Larson, Owen Hawk, Collin O’Neal, Rob Romoni, Troy Rebel, Mark Bloom, Spike (cameo)
Director: Chris Steele


Continued from "Taking Flight: Part 1." Josh Weston and Jason Adonis have a go with each other in the London sex club. Jason and Josh make for a nice pair, nice contrast of muscle. Josh is smaller, but no less ripped, and they seem to enjoy grabbing and groping each other's muscles as they go about their business.

In yet another part of the club, a group scene is underway. The men: Maxx Diesel is tall and bald; Christoph Scharff is muscular and fair, Owen Hawk is slender and hung; Troy Rebel is cute and tan; Carlo Cox is super-macho and built; and Mark Bloom, the on-his-knees cocksucker of the group, is handsome and slender.

On the flight back to America, in the cockpit, Gus Mattox and Kent Larson have an in-flight suck-and-fuck. Gus really looks the part of the handsome pilot, and bodybuilder Kent Larson just looks great. Hot men. Great scene.

Rob Romoni has a problem: a passenger is masturbating in a nearby seat (Spike, in a cameo). Rob stomps off to the galley to complain to flight attendant Matthew Rush. Matthew resorts to sex to calm angry Rob. It works. The hunky beefcakes trade slurpy blows and kisses in front of the emergency exit door. Matthew then fucks a bent over Rob for all he's worth. Matthew pulls out and starts jerking his dick to climax. Coitus interruptus! Rob stops Matthew from cumming, twists the big muscle stud around, and fucks the living daylights out of him. Romoni on his back, Matthew plops down on the dick and rides, heaving his gorgeous ass up and down in what appears to be pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Side by side, they shoot their loads and kiss some more as the plane zooms across the sky. Wow!

Home from his trip, Josh Weston gets all gooey-eyed for his lover Collin O'Neal. An understandable reaction as Collin is one fine fella, to be sure. They trade blows, and I don't think I have ever seen Josh in such rapture before as Collin deep-throats his cock. Collin fucks Josh in various positions on a leather couch, ending with missionary and the cum being fucked out of Josh, Collin spurting his last.

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