Tom Howard

Colt model and gay porn star, Tom Howard
aka: Flex Gamble, Flex Gordon


3 Responses to “Tom Howard”

  1. Jack Fritscher Says:

    Palm Drive Video model Tom Howard: June 20, 1967-February 27, 2007. R.I.P. He gave my camera everything he had.
    Jack Fritscher

  2. scotchf Says:

    I was sorry to read this news.
    Thanks Tom for the beautiful photos

  3. Jerry Marlow Says:

    I met Tom Howard shortly before he was discovered by Colt. He worked as a bartender for a very short time at Pistons Bar in Long Beach, CA. At the time I believe it was called Wolf’s. I remember being so blown away by his good looks and all that sexy muscle. I told him, “You should contact Colt Studio as I’m sure they will want you.” Was no surprise to me when I was able to order his photo set from Colt not long after our meeting. He was a very nice guy. So sorry to see that he passed.

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