Tobias Corbin Fisher Amateur College Man Gay Porn 132846 gayporn star

Corbin Fisher Amateur College Man, Tobias

Years Active: 2015 – 2016


Age: 21
Waist: 30
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 159 lbs
Hair: Brown
Build: Muscular
Cock: 6.0″ cut
Shoe: 9.5


STR8 BITCH: Tobias fucks Aspen

Tobias has caught wind of Aspen’s special services. He gets right down to it as soon as Aspen is through the door and tears his clothes off before shoving his big dick down the str8 guy’s throat. Tobias fully takes charge of Aspen and uses his str8 ass like his personal plaything. Burying his thick cock bareback and deep inside Aspen’s round ass, and pounds hard and fast until he makes him kneel in front of him and shoots his load all over his hairy chest.

STR8 BITCH: Addison Graham, Evan Marco, Tobias fuck Aspen

Addison Graham, Evan Marco, and Tobias get together after a long day at work and decide to have a bit of fun with their little str8 bitch Aspen. The three hunks get right down to business by passing each other aspen’s mouth to be properly fucked before they each take turns fucking his hot ass raw. This gangbang only gets better when the guys break out the dildos and stretch Aspen’s ass even more before diving back in with their huge cocks over and over again.


These frat guys are fast graduating from shoving bananas up the newbies’ asses, to shoving their big raw dicks deep inside them. This banana party shifts gears fast when they start plowing the new pledges’ hot tight asses bareback and hard. These new pledges are really eager to please.


The action here starts off with Tobias fully stripped down and face down on a massage table. Harper’s strong hands are roaming all over Tobias, giving him a thorough and deep massage. We know Harper’s always horned up and ready for action, though, and he can’t keep his hands and fingers away from Tobias’ ass and hole.
   Harper drops his towel to show us he’s already rock hard – he saw and got a hold of Tobias’ ass, and just couldn’t wait to get inside it!
   Harper mounts Tobias, sliding his dick deep in to him before he starts pounding away. Ultimately, Harper leaves Tobias thoroughly fucked, spent, and drenched in cum!


It’s Tobias’s first time in our heat, but he’s confident he’ll be able to handle what we cook up here at CF!
   There’s a lot to like about Tobias. He’s got a killer body with little trails of hair between his big chest and down his ripped abs. His arms are strong and muscular, but he takes most pride in his back. When he flexes it seems to double in size! As alpha as his body is, his face, with his light eyes, and hairstyle is very boy-next-door. Which definitely gives a false sense of security to anyone trusting those good guy features!
   His focus is to hook up and have fun rather than settling down. Of course he has no problem getting laid, and he does so on almost a daily basis. Tobias is into older girls and nice asses. Speaking of, he has a pretty hot one himself- and good-looking feet! When he jerks off, we get a look at both, along with his curved cock and low hanging balls that he likes to play with. He teases himself slowly and works himself up until just about the end where he puts the tempo in hyper drive and shoots out a nice shot of cum!


Tobias Corbin Fisher Amateur College Man Gay Porn 132846 gayporn star




Tobias Corbin Fisher Amateur College Man Gay Porn 132846 gayporn star


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