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Handsome Kinky American Muscle Gay Porn Star, Tober Brandt Known Aliases / aka: Tigger (All Worlds) Years Active: 2002 – 2008 TITAN MEN INFO: Age: 39 Height: 5’10” Penis Length: 8″ Cut Bio: I’m a kinky, twisted fetish sex pig. Turn-ons: If I told you it would traumatize you. BIG MUSCLE – WEIGHT ROOM Markus Ram … Read More

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Handsome Masculine American Gay Porn Star, Jake Deckard Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 2005 – 2009 TITAN MEN INFO: Age: 43 Height: 5’11” Penis Length: 8″ Cut Bio: I shot my first film for Ray Dragon in April of 2005 and won the best newcummer of the year 2006 at the GAYVN Awards. I thought … Read More

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Tattooed and quite Hung Gay Porn Star, Pierre Fitch Years Active: 2004 – 2015 SPOKES 3 – The Orgy / Induction into Cycle Club: Mason Wyler does the entire cast; Ralph Woods, Jeremy Hall, Justin Wells, Derrick Vinyard, Tyler Marks, Dakota Rivers, Ross Stuart and Pierre Fitch For the spectacular gang-bang final scene, Mason Wyler offers … Read More

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American Power Bottom Gay Porn Star, Steve Pierce Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1995 – 2002 BIG MUSCLE INFO: Age (2007): 43 years old Height: 6 ‘ 2 “/188.0 cm Weight: 180 lbs/81.648 kg Waist: 32 inches/81.28 cm Chest: 42.0/106.68 cm Arms: 14.0 inches/35.56 cm Forearms: 12.0 inches/30.48 cm Thigh: 22.0 inches/55.88 cm Calf: 15.0 … Read More


Handsome Uncut Kinky Gay Porn Star, Luke Bender / Steve Kennedy Known Aliases / aka: Scott Plaisance Years Active: 1989 – 1993 FALCON STUDIOS INFO: Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Body Hair: Smooth Facial Hair: None Height: 5’9″ Build: Swimmer Skin: White Piercing: Nipple Dick Size: 9″ uncut Position: Top Died: c1996 DEEP IN HOT WATER: … Read More

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Hung Pierced Young American Fisting Gay Porn Star, Axel Abysse Years Active: 2015 – 2016 TWITTER @AxelAbysse O.F.D. – OBSESSIVE FISTING DISORDER – PART 2: Axel Abysse fists Brandon Moore Chronic fisting bottom Brandon Moore is spending so much money and time on his obsession, his life is falling apart. Desperate for help, he visits the … Read More

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Hairy Hunk Venezuelan Gay Porn Power Bottom, Louis Ricaute Known Aliases: Years Active: 2015 – 2016 TWITTER @Louis_Ricaute KRISTEN BJORN INFO: Nationality: Venezuela Height: 6′ Weight: 180 lbs Dick: 8” (20.32 cms) uncut Position: Versatile TIM TALES INFO: A hot new Timtales Man today. Louis Ricaute from Venezuela is a young and hairy Hunk who likes … Read More

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Hunky Latino Gay Porn Star, Mario Cruz / Ryan Cruz Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 2016 – 2017 HIGH N’ TIGHT: Ryan Cruz fucks Bruno Bernal As Ryan Cruz sweeps the floor, Bruno Bernal sits in the ‘High n’ Tight’ barbershop’s waiting area, fixated on Ryan’s ass. When Ryan comes over to ask Bruno what … Read More

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Hung Australian Gay Porn Star, Andrew Lennox Known Aliases / aka: Andy Lennox Years Active: 1998 – 2000 INFO: Nationality: Australian Age (2001): 33 Height: 5′ 7″ Weight: 175 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown First runner up in IML 20 (’98) and Mr. Austrailia Leather UNLEASHED ACTION Master Doug Jeffries goes at it with muscle stud … Read More

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Hung Uncut American Gay Porn Bottom, Dek Reckless Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 2016 TWITTER @dekrecklessxxx FAB SCOUT INFO: Age: 32 Height: 5′ 9″ Cock Size: 7″ Uncut Position: bottom RELIEVING WORK PLACE TENSION – PART 2 Dek and Hunter are on break but it’s not your usual break they are on. They both have … Read More

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Handsome Hung German Cazzo Film Berlin Gay Porn SuperStar, Thom Barron Known Aliases: Years Active: 1997 – 2010 CAZZO FILM BERLIN INFO: Charming smile, well-trained body, big cock – Thom Barron. Since his first CAZZO appearance in PRALLE LEDERHOSEN in 1997 he’s been playing a starring role in many a fans’ wet dreams. His charm, always … Read More

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Nasty Tattooed Muscle American Gay Porn Star, Damien Knight Known Aliases: Years Active: 2011 PERSIAN SEX – HE’S RAW & RUFF MUSCLE BEAR HOOK UP Hot and sweaty, hairy and hungry tattooed muscle sex! NastyDaddy Bronson brings his aggressive Daddy attitude to the garage where he delivers a thorough throat fuck and ass pounding to our … Read More

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