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Big Muscle American Gay Porn Star, Peter Axel Known Aliases / aka: Master Peters Years Active: 2006 BIG MUSCLE PAGE BIG MUSCLE INFO: Age (2008): 40 years old. Height: 5 ‘ 7 “/170.2 cm Weight: 170 lbs/77.112 kg Waist: 29 inches/73.66 cm Chest: 44.0/111.76 cm Arms: 16.0 inches/40.64 cm Forearms: 13.0 inches/33.02 cm Thigh: 24.0 inches/60.96 … Read More

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Big Hard Cock Randy Blue Gay Porn Star, Andrew Stark Known Aliases: Ty (Corbin Fisher) Years Active: 2010 – 2017 TWITTER @AndrewStarkRB RANDY BLUE INFO: Tall, handsome, and incredibly sexy with a scruffy five day old beard, Andrew Stark describes himself as ‘straight but comfortable’. He’s not new to the adult video world so he brings … Read More

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Hung Hairy Handsome Beefcake American Gay Porn Star, Jesse Jackman Years Active: 2011 – 2017 TWITTER @JesseJackmanXXX TITAN MEN INFO: AGE: 42 HEIGHT: 6’1″ WEIGHT: 230 lbs TURN-ONS: I get turned on by scruffy, beefy dudes who can take a pounding just as well as they can give one. But they also need to have a … Read More

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Kink / Fetish Cazzo Film Berlin Gay Porn Star, Cody Winter Known Aliases: Years Active: 2016 – 2017 TWITTER @CodyWinterXXX CODY WINTER DISCOVERS NEW TORMENTS AND LETS OUT HIS INNER PAINSLUT THE CHAIR – Cody is secured to a wooden chair before Van beats his tight body. Cody’s screams echo across the room, only to be … Read More

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American Power Bottom Gay Porn Star, Steve Pierce Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1995 – 2002 BIG MUSCLE INFO: Age (2007): 43 years old Height: 6 ‘ 2 “/188.0 cm Weight: 180 lbs/81.648 kg Waist: 32 inches/81.28 cm Chest: 42.0/106.68 cm Arms: 14.0 inches/35.56 cm Forearms: 12.0 inches/30.48 cm Thigh: 22.0 inches/55.88 cm Calf: 15.0 … Read More

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Spanish Muscle Gay Porn Star, Adriano Marquez Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1994 – 2007 FALCON STUDIOS INFO: Nationality : Spanish Height : 6′ 2″ Weight : 190 lbs. Cock : 7″ cut Position : Bottom Big Muscle stats: City/Town: Chicago / NYC / Barcelona Year Born: 1965 Height: 6′ 2” Weight: 210 lbs Waist … Read More

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Scruffy American Sex Pig Gay Porn Star, Buck Philips Known Aliases / aka: Buck Phillips Years Active: 1996 – 2002 FALCON STUDIOS INFO: Height: 5โ€™ 9โ€ Weight: 160# Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Position: Versatile Endowment: 7โ€ cut HEATWAVE: Pool Orgy with James West, Buck Philips and … Laying on a rubber raft, floating aimlessly … Read More


Handsome Uncut Kinky Gay Porn Star, Luke Bender / Steve Kennedy Known Aliases / aka: Scott Plaisance Years Active: 1989 – 1993 FALCON STUDIOS INFO: Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Body Hair: Smooth Facial Hair: None Height: 5’9″ Build: Swimmer Skin: White Piercing: Nipple Dick Size: 9″ uncut Position: Top Died: c1996 DEEP IN HOT WATER: … Read More

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Red-Headed & Uncut Scruffy Gay Porn Star, Ryan Patrick Known Aliases: Years Active: 2009 – 2011 SOME INFO: Height: 6′ 3″ Weight: 210 Eyes: Blue HOLE BUSTERS: Alexsander Freitas dildo fucks and fists Ryan Patrick Alexsander Freitas, an aggressive Latin top, knows how to bust a hole! When he catches red-headed bottom-boy Patrick Ryan fingering his … Read More

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Hung Pierced and Uncut Gay Porn Star, Lance Navarro Known Aliases: Years Active: 2009 – 2013 LANCENAVARRO.COM INFO: Hey there, I am Lance Navarro and welcome to my personal site, fan page and blog. This page is largely designed to be a fan page for my work as a Porn Star, and also discuss my life … Read More

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Rough Cut American Gay Porn Star, Jackson Lawless Known Aliases: Years Active: 2008 – 2013 HOT HOUSE INFO: JUNE 10, 2009 Hot House Entertainment, Inc. announced today that Jackson Lawless has been added to the studio’s list of Club Inferno Exclusives. The 28-year-old versatile fisting performer brings a fresh young face to a fetish line that … Read More

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Chiseled Body Enormous Cock Hot House Falcon Gay Porn Star, Johnny Gunn Known Aliases: Years Active: 2007 – 2010 HOT HOUSE INFO: Hot House Scores Two New Exclusives – Meet Johnny Gunn and Ross Hurston 2008 promises to be a fantastic year for The Men Of Hot House with two new scorching-hot studs, Johnny Gunn and … Read More

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