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Handsome Sexy South African Gay Porn Star, Jed Willcox Known Aliases / aka: Jed Wilcox, Jed Colt, Brick Years Active: 2001 – 2008 Falcon Studios stats / info: Nationality: South Africa Age (2007): 35 years old Height: 5 ‘ 11 ” / 180.4 cm Weight: 185 lbs / 83.916 kg Waist: 11 inches / 27.94 cm … Read More


British Gay Porn Super-Star and Author, Aiden Shaw Years Active: 1992 – 2005 TWITTER @GenteelDictator BACKROOM: Aiden Shaw fucks Sean Diamond Sean Diamond is eager to turn his daddy Aiden Shaw on by trying on a couple of sexy outfits in order to get into the mysterious Backroom. Within a few seconds, Aiden convinces Sean that … Read More

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Handsome Big Dick American Gay Porn Star, Glenn McAllister Known Aliases / aka: Glen McAllaster, Glenn McAlister (Titan), Glen McCallaster, Glenn McKalaster, Glen McKalaster, Glenn McAllaster Years Active: 1993 – 1996 Falcon Studios stats / info: Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Hazel Height: 6′ 4″ Position: Versatile Build: Swimmer Body Hair: Smooth Cock: 10″ cut … Read More

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Blond Sexy American Gay Porn Star, Craig Slater Known Aliases / aka: Gregory Tyler (Playgirl) Years Active: 1990 – 1994 THE ABDUCTION: Chance Caldwell, Jason Ross and Matt Gunther fist and punish Craig Slater Like Hogan, Craig Slater is abducted and brought before taskmaster Chance Caldwell. He orders two cronies – Jason Ross and Matt Gunther … Read More

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Sexy Daddy Pierced cock Hairy Handsome American Gay Porn SuperStar, Zak Spears Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1993 – 2009 THE ABDUCTION – REDEMPTION: Zak Spears & Jesse Tyler flip-fuck The commandos raid the Legion headquarters, easily overpowering the guards to get to the secret box that contains all the incriminating photos of the Legion’s … Read More

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Handsome Muscle Model and Falcon Studios Gay Porn Star, Marco Rossi Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1993 – 2001 info: Birthday: October 16 HOUSE RULES: Clint Benedict and Marco Rossi Sexy Marco Rossi is interrupted jacking off his fat hard-on by Uncle Clint Benedict (in a non-sexual role), and is whisked off to the stud … Read More

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Handsome Blond American Jock Gay Porn Star, Rob Stone Known Aliases / aka: Logan Paul Years Active: 1995 – 1998 Falcon Studios stats / info: Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Height: 5’11” Position: Top Build: Swimmer Body Hair: Smooth Cock: 9″ Cut DOWNLOAD: Rob Stone jacks-off for Johnny Hanson Johnny Hanson and Rob Stone chat … Read More

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Ripped Muscle No Body Fat American Gay Porn Star, Clint Benedict Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1993 – 1995 THE ABDUCTION – REDEMPTION: Michael D’Amours, Clint Benedict, Devon Rexman and Chuck Barron manhandle & fuck Tom Katt Drunken guard Tom Katt passes out in the slave’s bunk room and these abused and dirty prisoners jump … Read More

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Handsome Compact American Gay Porn Star, Tag Adams / Chet Roberts Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1994 – 2007 Falcon Studios stats / info: Birthdate: April 4, 1972 Birth location: Hanover, Pennsylvania Penis size: 7” cut Height: 5′ 9” Weight: 155 pounds Eye color: Blue Hair color: Brown TOMMY’S TALE: Brad Patton fucks Tommy Brandt … Read More

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Big Hunk of Muscle American Gay Porn Star, Jack Dillon Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1991 – 1995 FALCON STUDIOS INFO: Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Green Weight: 220 Height: 6′ 1″ Dick Size: 9″ Cut Persuasion: Bisexual Born: 1967 From: Kansas City, Missouri THE BIG ONES: Jack Dillon feeds Karl Thomas Muscle stud Jack Dillon … Read More

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Handsome Hung American Gay Porn SuperStar & Colt Studio Model, Ken Ryker Known Aliases / aka: Bill Flagstaff (Colt Original Name), Buck Ramsey Years Active: 1993 – 2005 FALCON STUDIOS INFO: Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel Body Hair: Hairy Facial Hair: None Weight: 230 Height: 6′ 4″ Build: Muscular Skin: White Tattoo: None Piercing: None Dick Size: … Read More

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Handsome Hung Classic American Gay Porn Star, Kevin Miles Known Aliases / aka: Years Active: 1997 – 2006 FALCON STUDIOS INFO: Age: 38 Height : 5′ 11″ Dick Size: 9″ Sexual Orientation: Gay Role: Verstaile MEN AT PLAY INFO: Imagine our shock when we found out that legendary porn star Kevin Miles is not only a … Read More

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