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  1. victorg

    i met him at the Follies in D.C. in the mid 80’s. he was the star performer and it was my first time stripping. we met a couple hours before the first show and he asked me to his hotel room for champagne. we were inseperable the whole week.he loved to take care of me in every way possible. he lived in L.A. and i in the West Village, so a couple times when he came to NYC he would stay with me for a couple weeks. he was romantic as well as a great time in bed.

  2. Robert Bazan

    I used to see Bob (under age, 17 years old) at Newport Station in 1977. I was 22.. One could not miss what was bobbing around in his sweat pants. We never talked there, but 2 weeks, later, I was standing, by the dance floor, at Ripples….. He walked straight up to me and asked me if I wanted to go home with him. “Sure”, I said. Turns out we both lived in Huntington Beach at the time. We had a marathon sex adventure….switching back & forth (top & bottom) rolls; climaxing multiple times. This went on nonstop until late the next afternoon. Exhausted, we called it quits, but laughed and did it one more time…. Several times, the guy he was living with (a doctor)(Doctor Dale Smith??? maybe) came knocking at the door. He was a pedophile. Bob had gotten too mature for him. so, he used him as bait, to bring younger guys home from a nearby school. Creepy man. I lived at Villa Warner, then. Bob came over quite often. He told me that he was in love with me and he wanted to be boyfriends. i did not…I, too, had started going to Gay Bars at age 17. By the time I was 22, I had been taken advantage of and had my heart so many times that I had developed an aversion to the word “love”. We became sex buddies for the next 8 years, maybe 3 times year. One day, about 1978, he came knocking at my door, asking for a ride to Laguna Beach. He and the doctor were, now, living in a house in Bluebird Canyon…….. The doctor was freaking out. Apparently, there was an arrest warrent for him for hving sex with minors. He wanted Bob to help him get rid of his pornography. Bob and I had sex first, then I headed back too Huntington. The doctor committed scuicide, that day. He took an overdose of pills, Then, tried slashing his wrists and, hving no success, he pulled out a gun and shot himself……Bob Pyron went on to become popular porn superstar, Lee Ryder….famous for his 10 inches. The last time we got togethe was in 1984. He died of AIDS in 1991.

  3. Glenn

    John, I almost did go into porn with him. In fact i had a meeting with Jim French back then to do porn but backed out of it. Yes you are right about Bob (Lee), he was so dam sexy more than he even knew. We were together for the better part of 2 years and it was something special but i was too dam pig headed and i take all the blame for us breaking up. I still think of him often and will im sure for the rest of
    my life. If there is anything else you would like to know about him, feel
    free to ask me. Happy New Year…Glenn

  4. John

    Based on one of the magazine interviews, Lee stated that you were the “love of his life” and he would not go into porn if you did not leave him. I am curious why did you leave him? I have always a big fan of Lee for over 15 years now. He was the hottest guy on this planet and you was so lucky to spend part of your life with him!

  5. Glenn

    Whoever said Bob (Lee Ryder) had only one expression, didnt really know him well. I was with Lee for a little over a year out in the Norco area, where he is from. My brother had a place in Norco where he had some race horses, which Lee loved to ride. I was new to Ca. and lived just up the street in Mira Loma where we had many good times. He had a serious side but for the most part, love to joke around, The biggest mistake of my life was when i let what we had, go away. It was all my fault and i will miss him till the day i die. Bob, im back in Massachuseets now and still love and miss you after all the years.

  6. Paul

    Darras Robert (Bob) Pyron was born in Norco, California, not Laguna, California. His parents and he worked cleaning office buildings. I met Bob in Riverside CA at the Riverside Plaza. He rode a motorcycle. I was underage and ran away from home and he and I rode to Laguna on his bike. We stayed at the house of an older friend of his. He was able to get me into the Boom Boom Room and then we rode to San Diego before heading back to Riverside.

    I lived in an apartment behind my parents house when I was in high school. Bob would come visit me late at night after my family was asleep. He was 3 years older than I. I spent many days at his family’s house in Norco with him and his parents.

    I attended a party at the house of he and his boyfriend when his boyfriend went to the store with a friend and didn’t come back. They split up after that and Bob moved to Laguna Beach. I last saw Bob briefly in front of the Boom Boom Room in 1983.

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