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  1. Connor

    Hey Robert what was Joe like as a person? I’m trying to do a research project on 1980’s Gay Pornstars and was wondering if you could tell me any stories or anything more about his life please? I am truly happy that you Were his partner you both are so lucky!!!! I would love to here from you if you can please? Was Joe Gere his real name or was it his Stage name?

  2. Robert

    Joe was an amazing top, being an ex marine, he knew exactly how to use his 8″ that changed my sexual perceptions about the roles of top/bottom. Again all man.

  3. Robert

    I had the honor of being Joe’s partner at the end of his life. I enjoyed every minute with him, talking about his experiences with pornography and modeling. He was all man, a great lover and my best friend. Joe loved the idea of living forever. He accomplished this by working for Falcon and posing for Advocate Men. I remember him telling me how he wished he understood a little more of what he was getting into when he did model and work for these organizations. While a bit bitter about how these companies made money, he went to school and trained to become a hypnotherapits, working in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles until his all too untimely death due to AIDS in 1992. I miss him everyday. The world lost a great man who, as he wished, will see him young and beautiful forever.

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