Brad Stone Hung Uncut Latin Falcon Studios American Gay Porn Star Gay Porn 101194 gayporn star

Hung Uncut Falcon Studios American Gay Porn Star, Brad Stone

Known Aliases / aka:
Years Active: 1988 – 1994


THE ABDUCTION – REDEMPTION: Brad Stone fucks Chip Daniels

At the palace, personal slave Chip Daniels is encouraged by the miraculous recovery of the prince, Brad Stone, and does a dance of gratitude to the sex gods with his highness. Unleashing Chip from his chastity belt, Brad fingers Chip’s bubble butt then rams into him, stretching Chip’s hole with his beautiful donkey dong. Chip easily shoots while being screwed, and Brad delivers a royal load.

THE ABDUCTION – REDEMPTION: Brad Stone fists Jarod Clark; Jarod Clark & Clint Chambers flip-fist

Inside a ring of ancient stone columns, leather-clad Clint Chambers works his findgers, fist, and finally his forearem into the deepest recesses of Jarod Clark’s waiting ass. When his fingers have had their fill, Ren nestles Jarod down on an enormous dildo…forcing out a load as he takes the tool. Then it’s Clint’s turn as Jarod buries his arm deep in Ren’s ass. From the shadows, Brad Stone is drawn into the action…substituting his own arm for Jarod’s. Finally the two tops take turns…sliding their hands in and out until all are satisfied.




Hung Uncut Latin Falcon Studios American Gay Porn Star Gay Porn gayporn star

Hung Uncut Latin Falcon Studios American Gay Porn Star gayporn star



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  1. Michael Cava

    I’m a Brad Stone fan. One of his early videos was “Doing His Brother-In-Law” by “Big Daddy Video”. I have a front/back copy of the video, but can’t make out what year it was made.

    According to Wiki Answers “He is now a salon expert in Atlanta, Georgia. I think he specializes in complicated hair treatments.”

    P.S. – If anyone ever finds a copy of this video, I would very much like to have it. It’s the only Brad Stone Video I have not been able to find.

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