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Zachary - Sean Cody Solo Performer

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years active: 2009


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Nationality: U.S.A.

Sean Cody comments:
If there is one word that describes Zachary, it's definitely "confident."
   He's got beautiful blue-green eyes, a hot swimmer's body, and a giant uncut cock.
   And he isn't shy about showing it off.
   "Would anyone you know be shocked that you are doing this?"
   "Anybody that I knew... like my friends..." he said. "They wouldn't be shocked. They'd be like 'Oh, yeah that's something he'd do.'"
   His favorite part of his body is — you guessed it — his cock. And I think it's funny that he's come up with all kinds of ways to use it!
   "I've set sexual goals for myself," he explained. "Every one I've met except for the Mile High Club. And I've got to take three flights to get back home. So I've got three more chances to get in!"
   "Do you think you'll do it?"
   "Well, if there's a hot girl sitting next to me I'm going to be buying her drinks!" 

Zachary - Sean Cody Solo Performer