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   SCENE 5: Zack Randall (bottom), Wayne (top)



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dates active: 2007

stats / info:
Age (2007): 20

Bryan Ockert / ChaosMen comments:
I think I mentioned the last shoot Wayne did with Zack was a bit beyond his limits.
   But he still needed work, and he kept asking to do another solo. I don't normally do two solos on guys, so I told him he could do a toy video. He agreed, but said the toy had to be VERY small.
   We did some nice shower shots and I have to admit he's gotten very relaxed and is much more willing to smile for the camera. He was having fun this time out.
   The toy thing, well, you can tell he enjoyed it in the video, though it took him some time to warm up to it. But I certainly don't think he will be sitting on traffic cones any day soon.
   Wayne seems a bit embarassed by all the attention he has gotten, and I know I said this the last time, but I think we hit our limit with this one.
   But I hope he comes back. He is one smokin' hot straight boy!

Wayne @ ChaosMen  Wayne @ ChaosMen Wayne @ ChaosMen
Video Number: 172
Wayne lost his wallet with all the money he had made from his solo. So only a couple days later he was calling me for another gig, despite him being pretty uptight about doing guy on guy work.
   I struggle with me doing these oral vids. I think I am too old, and want to get some of the other guys to take on the duties. But most of the videos are VERY last minute and finding or even flying in a model to just suck cock is expensive and I'm not able to get them here quick enough. The guys seem comfortable with me, but I still want to mix it up so its not always me doing it. Adam is gonna be around a lot, so I think I might get him take on the duties.
   That being said, there was no way in Hell I was missing the chance to suck Wayne off! He's about as crazy sexy hot as they come, and I didn't even try to find anyone else. Mine!
   But it was pretty last minute, and I didn't even shave, so my whiskers were a bit troubling when I ate his ass out, but overall, he got way in to it, and ironically he assured me over and over and over that "I can't cum from a blow job. You can't make me, you can't make me, you can't make me!"
   I love a challenge and frankly he was the easiest and the quickest to make bust a nut.
   As a side note, this is the 5th in the series, and I have one other that I want to film. That means I have enough for a DVD and I am even holding one back so that the DVD will have a "bonus" scene that won't be available on the site. How's that for a marketing teaser?!
   So for those of you asking, The Serviced series will be the next video release. Possibly available in June 2007 (but don't be surprised if that changes!)

Wayne @ ChaosMen