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years active: 2009


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Age (2009): 20
Waist: 32
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 170 Lbs
Hair: Brown
Build: Athletic
Cock: 7" Uncut
Shoe: 13

Vince at Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher comments:
Vince has a whole host of endearing qualities that made him really win me and everyone else here at CF over almost instantly. You'll notice it in his very first solo video, where he just gets more and more charming as the cameras keep rolling!
   Vince was born outside of the US, but moved here while very young and is now the quintessential American college man - young, goodlooking, athletic and horny! He wrestles, is an accomplished football player, and he loves cheerleaders! He has a slight hint of the old accent he had while a small child, which causes him to speak in a manner I find terribly cute!
   One of the things I enjoyed most about being around Vince was how animated and engaging he could be while talking about most anything. It seemed that everything he saw, heard or spoke about was reason enough to be incredibly excited and was the most interesting thing he'd ever come across. He can be incredibly lively and animated.
   In his solo with us, he took a little while to get fully comfortable in front of the cameras. I was worried a bit at first, because I was seeing this lively and animated guy clam up a little bit and appear to be shy. Once Pete got him talking about his first sexual experiences, though, Vince definitely started to wake up and show off that personality I liked so much! Once he started jerking off, he got even more into it and at this point there was not an ounce of shyness as he was ready to go and having fun!
   You really notice Vince's model looks when he's stripped naked, stroking his cock, and staring at the camera. Those blue eyes pull you in and he definitely knows how to give a strong stare! His expression while shooting his load is also pretty captivating and hot to watch! Though it was the look he gave the cameras after he shot his load in his solo with us that really sealed the deal on his being an extremely welcome addition to CF! 

Vince at Corbin Fisher