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Albert Viktor / Albert Victor

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years active: 2007 - 2009


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Butch Dixon's got a new boyfriend! I try not to play favourites, but I've secretly had a thing for Pistol Pete ever since I photographed him in Hairy Bearded Man and Hairy Cum Eater. But last week Albert walked into my studio and my heart went pitter patter and my cock went boink! Pistol Pete still turns me on, but there's a new man competing for my dreams. Albert asked me how I felt about shooting him while he was smoking a cigar and I was all for it. There's something about watching a hairy hunk like Albert sucking on a cigar that is really hot. Maybe I should get Albert and Oliver from Cigar-Smoking Daddy together for a smoke off. I had seen photos of Albert when he e-mailed about posing for Butch Dixon, but I just wasn't prepared for how sexy this fucker was in person. I love muscular men, but a particular body type really turns me on, and Albert is it. I don't like my muscle men too sinewy with tendons and veins popping beneath their skin. I love a muscle man who is also a little on the beefy side and this hairy hunk fits the bill. Take a look at that rear view — what a beautiful, beefy ass! And when this cigar-smoking hairy hunk put down his stogie and started pulling on his foreskin, cupid was firing more than arrows in my direction.

I first featured Albert here a few weeks back in a smoking hot gallery — literally smoking. Albert loves sucking on a stogie, so you'll find another gallery of pictures of him here called Cigar-Smoking Hairy Hunk. In this most recent gallery, I had this hairy leather man all to myself. I even let him stand on my bed in his combat boots. Oh the things I do to get men to pose naked for me! And Albert has the most perfect body to show off in a leather harness and jockstrap. First of all, he's is great shape and has muscle tone and definition, but he's also packing a layer of beef than really makes him look hot. And, if you know me by now, you'll know that I'm always crazy for bald or balding guys, beards, and uncut cocks. And Albert Victor does it for me in every way possible. In fact, I think he's poised to become the new poster boy for Butch Dixon.

Albert Viktor / Albert Victor