Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play)


PLAYGIRL  Feb 2005


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Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play)
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Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play) Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play) Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play) Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play)



aka: Scott (Men At Play), others

stats / info :
Popular UK / London based stripper
Height: 6'1'' / 1.85
Chest: 43''
Waist: 32''
Collar: 17.5''
Shoe: 10
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Dick Size: 7.5''
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Role: Active

Men At Play comments:
" We simply cannot get enough of this guy. As you know we asked Scott to come in for a couple of promotional photo shoots last year, the first of which we already saw. But after catching a glimpse of his rock hard cock in that well-worn jockstrap we just had to put it to proper use and asked him to do one last scene in the locker-room as he changed into his business suit. " 

English Lads comments:
" Danny is probably a known face to a few of you as he has done various modelling jobs for a couple of years. In this shoot he strips down to show his smooth chest and hairy legs. When his trackies come off his cock is soft, he shows off his muscular body then settles down to watch some porn and you see his cock grow in his hand. After playing around some more he then settles back on the bed, gets really aroused and shoots a nice load of cum on his leg and abs.
    The video shows what I believe to be a very “up close and personal” 50 minutes with Danny. He said to me after he’d never done anything where he’d had to say so much! But then he was slightly nervous so wouldn’t stop talking for the first half hour! I have tried to get the balance right of leaving in a lot of the chat and hope it doesn’t get boring. I was real close to loosing another 5 minutes before he got naked, but I thought youd probably like it left fairly unedited. I think the total footage was an hour and 15 minutes so I only removed 25 minutes! The movie starts in the bathroom with Danny talking about his bodybuilding through his teens. He was Junior Natural bodybuilding champion for two years running when he was 19 and 20. I slowly have him strip down to his black silky undies and then get him naked and in the bath. We chat some more while I do loads of close ups. Before we go to the bedroom you get to see Danny taking a piss! Part 2 is we move to the bedroom and Danny proceeds to tell me how most str8 porn is crap! You see him soft and then you get to see how intense he wanks! He likes to tense his legs and body when he wanks and I seem to be distracting him as he enters an almost trance like state! He gets nice and hard and moves around on the bed and after a bit of persuading he shows us his ass, real close and quite a few times! Danny then settles back and shoots his cum. " 

Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play) 

Danny Valentino (Scott - Men at Play)