Bryce Tucker - Tottooed Muscle Hunk Solo Performer 123321



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Bryce Tucker - Tottooed Muscle Hunk Solo Performer 123321

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Bryce Tucker - Tottooed Muscle Hunk Solo Performer 123321

years active: 2010


LegendMen stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Height: 6', 182.9 Cm
Weight: 195 Lbs., 88.6 Kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Length: 8 Inches, 20.3 Cm
Girth: 6 Inches, 15.2 Cm
Cut: Yes
Smooth: Sometimes
Hairy: I Think So, But Always Keep It Shaved
Sign: Cancer
Boxers: Rarely
Briefs: Designer Boxer Briefs
Neck: 17 In, 43.2 Cm
Chest: 47 In, 119.4 Cm
Bicep: 18 In, 45.7 Cm
Quads: 24 In, 61.0 Cm
Calves: 16 In, 40.6 Cm
Shoe: 12
Ink: You Betcha!
Always: Smiling ;-)
Low Hangers: Very Heavy

Frequency: Daily
Load: Big At Times
Oral: Very
Anal: I Love Tight Asses
Love To: Dominate
J/O: Only When Not Seeing Someone
Place: You Name It
Women: Most Of The Time

Drink: Mud Slide
Car: Bmw
Pizza: Only On Cheat Days
Sport: Football
Profession: Carpenter Turned Model
Thing To Do: Watching A Sunset With Someone Special
Best Feature: Strong Jaw

RANDY BLUE comments:
You can't help see those big hulking muscles when Bryce Tucker walks in the room. He smiles that big toothy grin of his and you're not sure if he's going to wrap those big guns around you, fuck you, or pound you into the dirt. Strangely enough, I know people who'd be into all three. This smooth muscular jock Works out seven times a week and it gets him a body that looks like chiseled marble but with a nice surfer's tan. All that big hard muscle is one thing but you gotta see the dick on this guy. Big, thick and meaty, just the way I like it. And his ass, you just want to dive face first into it before you even think about fucking it. He really got off on showing it to our cameras. You can tell because of the way his hungry hole puckers every time he strokes his cock. He likes to be in control and loves smaller guys that he can toss around a bit. Yes, this stud likes it rough. And when he works his big fucking dick he shoots h! is thick load all over his smooth chiseled abs and then rubs it in for good measure. 

Bryce Tucker - Tottooed Muscle Hunk Solo Performer 123321