TONY  (Tony the Pony)

  Tony the Pony  

  January 2003
LATIN INCHES   August 2001
INCHES  Feb 2005
ALL MAN   September 2001 (Article for Solo Video)
INCHES: Best of Inches  2004


Tony the Pony
released by Tony
30-minute Solo Video, available from Tony directly:  Jerk Off Video 4 Sale, PO Box 191781, Miami Beach, FL 33119. Tel: 646-729-5849    


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Chuck's comments:
" Tony was a boxer at my gym. When I saw that huge dick in the dressing room, I knew I had to photograph him. He looked so sexy with his muscles, tattoos and gigantic dick. Itís on of the biggest dicks and no problem staying hard and standing straight out. He has a beautiful, big ass too that he had no problems showing off."
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Tony the Pony

Tony the Pony

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Latin Jocks get nude