Christian Sharp



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Christian Sharp
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years active: 2008 - 2009

aka: Christian Sharpe

stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.

Christian Sharp

Randy Blue comments:
When you're around so many hot guys all the time it makes you a little self-conscious. So I try to visit the gym as often as I can. The problem is, I always get so distracted by all the beautiful bodies. So there I was, working on my biceps, when I spy the most gorgeous guy. He had worked up quite a sweat and his musky scent hit me as he walked past, making me have to dive for cover on the bikes so people wouldn't see my huge woody. Luckily the bikes were in just the right position for me to be able to watch him do pull ups, and don't tell me you've never secretly spied on a guy at the gym. His shirt would lift up giving me a perfect view of his flat stomach and developing six-pack. I could tell through his shirt that he had a beautiful set of pecs and the shorts he was wearing revealed that he wasn't lacking in that department either. After the workout I started chatting him up in the locker room. His name was Christian Sharp and he was visiting from Florida. I gave him my card and when he showed up at my office I knew right then and there that he was going to be big. It turns out his sexy body is due to his love for athletics and that he was a wrestler and soccer player for many years. That made me very happy because it meant that gay or straight he was used to having big, sweaty guys touching his body. I asked him if he had any problem with showing off his body and he gave me this huge adorable smile and told me he used to have a part time job standing shirtless outside a clothing store. With a body covered in just the right amount of fur, a face so adorable he could stop traffic and a cock that would make any man's mouth water, Christian Sharp is destined to become the next Randy Blue superstar. 

Christian Sharp