R.C. Ryan


HONCHO  Oct 2006


Raging Stallion: 
   SCENE 1: R.C. Ryan (top), Mario Cruz (bottom)
   SCENE 4: R.C. Ryan (solo)

Hot House:
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R.C. Ryan
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R.C. Ryan
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aka: R.C., Casey (Chuck), Ryan (AmateurStraightGuys.com)

Randy Blue comments:
Seriously, getting RC to pose for me took probably almost a year. I am looking thru our emails now and yes, I was right, it took around 10 months. Not all models take this long but it seemed there was always something going on with each of us. I would want him to come and he couldn't. He would email me but I was slammed. You know how that goes. Well two months ago we finally got to do it. RC was better then I had hoped for. No kidding, he is really hot. Yes sometimes I know it but I am already committed and I just can't cram one more guy in. Watch it! I know what you were just thinking. I think I am developing a thing for red heads. RC's hair is a dark auburn and his eyes are a bright blue green so he looks really gorgeous! We spent a whole day together hanging out with my assistant and taking lots of photos before his video. RC was really relaxed and even though he hadn't done much adult work he was really cool! RC has an amazing body that is muscular and lean. I know he doesn't have much of a pubic area but he assures me that when he comes back it will be bigger. We did the video in my garage and I think it went really well with the bare space and his ultra tight leather jeans. His body could not have looked better. Will RC be back really? I hope so, God knows I would love to see him with some one else...I think he could be very, very hot!

Chaos / Ockert comments:
RC is a mid-western kid who started out doing fashion and runway modeling, but soon found that adult work payed a lot better. Thank goodness!
   When I scheduled him to come in, he only mentioned working for one other site, but after he arrived here and as our shoot when a long, I found that he has done quite a bit of work. So RC may not be a "new guy" to you, but when these guys turn out to be "pros", I hope that he has a fan base that is eager to see more of him in action. Hopefully he will be new to longtime fans of this site.
   RC is quiet, has terrible luck with cars, (He's got a long history of wrecking them!) and has an amazing banana dick that pumps out a lot of juice!

R.C. Ryan