Rafael Rosselini - Hung and Uncut Playgirl Model



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Rafael Rosselini - Hung and Uncut Playgirl Model

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years active: 2009 - 2010


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.

Dimi at Paragon Men comments:
No, he’s not related to Isabella. But he does have cheekbones, and a fat cock worthy of Hollywood royalty! Subscribers, beware!
   Rafael was born in 1985. What were the rest of us doing back then? Playing Pac Man, fingering Rubik’s cubes, dreaming about boys with black hair, a baby face, and a giant uncut 8 inch cock!
   Raphael adores baseball, soccer, football. Basically, anything with a ball! He’s going to be a professional chef at a fancy restaurant very soon and to turn him on all you have to do is appreciate his palate….and be a very good kisser. He’s posed before for adult sites, and it was Paragon’s pleasure to get those caramel eyes to work their twinkle for our site.
   Ps. Did we mention his fat, uncut cock?

Rafael Rosselini - Hung and Uncut Playgirl Model