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Dustin Rivers
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years active: 2008

aka:Dustin River

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Nationality: U.S.A.

RANDY BLUE comments:

With the weather in So Cal getting even nicer than usual I've been spending a lot of time at the beach. I was in Venice recently, checking out all the hot young guys wandering around the beach front shops. It's a very eclectic crowd there, so I wasn't too surprised to see a handsome, well built guy sitting at the base of a palm tree with a sketch pad, drawing a breathtaking view of the ocean. My curiosity got the best of me for two reasons, one was because in this amazing drawing he seemed to be spending a lot of time concentrating on a sexy surfer dude who was sunning himself not too far from us, and the other because the artist who was doing it was really hot. I approached him so I could ask him about his artistic interests and we started to talk. His name is Dustin River and he is a hottie. When I told him that I was a photographer he said he had always wanted to pose in the nude. I told him it was his lucky day. I got him into the studio and we did his first shoot. He was a natural. He did such a good job I gave you guys a sneak peek during a recent episode of Randy Blue Live and everyone who was in the chat room just adored him. Reese did an interview with him and we found out he's got a little bit of a kinky streak when the members asked Reese to spank him and he kept going, 'harder... HARDER'. He got along so well with everyone here that I took him along to LA Pride to march in the parade with us. He had a blast. He's got a nice lean, smooth body with just the right amount of definition. And you can tell by the way he wanks his cock that he's no stranger to jacking off. He gets this great look on his face as he's about to cum and you can practically feel it building up until he shoots it all over his sexy smooth chest.

Dustin Rivers