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   SCENE 1: Adam Cooper and brother Race jack each other off



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dates active: 2007

aka: Race Cooper (?)

stats / info:
Age (2007): 30

Bryan Ockert / ChaosMen comments:
Race is Adam's ( Adam Cooper ) older half-brother. They share the same mother. They don't look much alike, but they do share the same build right down to the pierced naval. (Race pointed out that his piercing is at the top while Adam's is at the bottom- I was paying more attention to other parts)
   Race is a good 'ole boy, who works a construction type job.
   This was a quick shoot we did just before Adam and his video. He is smiling and laughing through out as Adam was on the sideline, teasing and egging him on.
   I love Race's maturity and his killer body. He's got Adam's charming way and that "I will try anything twice" attitude. Must be a family thing.
   Look for more Race in other videos as I try to balance the site with more mature dudes.

Adam Cooper / Adam Adam Cooper / Adam Adam Cooper / Adam
Video Number: 175
Time to mature things up a bit.
   Race was very comfortable with the whole idea of getting it on with a guy. Adam had talked to him over the months and Race was fully prepped as to what to expect.
   I usually have to step them through gettin a blow job first, but he said he'd fuck a dude, and even suck cock. He'd have to think about bottoming though.
   Erik saw Race's video with his half-brother Adam, and I was soon hearing from him that he wanted to do a scene with him. Erik, like many of you, likes MEN!
   What an easy video to shoot too. Race has got the moves and smoothness that comes with experience - regardless that he is playing on a different team. A tenderness and intensity you don't often see.
   Erik backs on to Race's dick with an exquisite slowness that will make your dick go "sproing!" You gotta see it.
   The fireworks weren't going off just between Erik and Race. Mother Nature was in on the act as well. You might notice some audio quirks..some hissing, which is actually a tremendous downpour of rain. There's even some thunder booms. We did have to stop a couple times as the lights were dimming, and I feared the pounding rain would over power the ass pounding. So keep an ear out for the the sound effects!
   Oh yeah, and the cumshot is pretty dang good too!

Race @ ChaosMen